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34. stories


Calum: you should've told me you were filming ash 

Ashton: huh? 

Calum: the instagram story 

Ashton: ooohhhhhhhh man i was so confused about all of this though 

Luke: i haven't even used it yet, is it good? 

Michael: i don't like it. in fact i hate it 

Luke: why?

Michael: theres no dog filter 


Michael: it's true tho

Luke: alright then 

Calum: well i'm pretty content with just using snapchat 

Ashton: you sure? there aren't going to be any more leaked nudes now are there? 

Calum: really ash? thats so mature of you 

Michael: i was going to leave the convo, but it's getting intense

Ashton: well i am the oldest??

Calum: people would say otherwise seeing how you act most of the time 

Ashton: and you think it was mature of you to go and send nudes to some stranger??

Calum: come on, how long ago did this happen Ashton 

Luke: you know its bad when cal calls ash ashton instead of ash 

Ashton: it doesn't matter, you still did it 

Calum: I'm pretty sure being human allows you to make mistakes 

Ashton: and you should learn from those mistakes 

Calum: have you seen any nudes from me recently?? 

Ashton: no, i'm just giving you a heads up no to 

Calum: i choose what to do with my life, but thanks dad 

Ashton: don't 

Calum: what? you hate that? 

Michael: luke where the hell is my popcorn 

Luke: oh, you're serious? 

Michael: yes child 

Luke: brb guys 

Ashton: calum, come on. forget what i said, alright? i'm sorry cal

Calum: sure thing :) 

Calum has left the conversation 

Ashton: shoot 

Michael: guys.... i think the bus door just opened


Michael: it's alright luke, calm down 

Ashton: i'll go find him 

A S H T O N ' S  P O V 

I sighed, rolling out of my bunk and walking down the narrow walkway to the middle of the bus where Luke was leaning agains the counter, listening the popping of popcorn in the microwave. He looked at me with wide eyes, but smiled weakly as I nodded, shaking my head sightly as I made my way to the front of the bus, the driver not in his seat yet. Which meant I had time... 

"I'll be back, Luke. If the driver comes, just tell him to wait a few minutes and call me, alright?" I instructed before opening the bus door and going down the steps as carefully as I could in the dim light. 

I shivered at first from the contrast of temperature, seeing as the bus was always warm. I looked left and right, but it seems that Calum wasn't going to make this easy for me. I muttered curses under my breath. I really thought he knew I was joking, but after he retaliated I knew he was upset. 

"Calum?" I  called, my voice cracking slightly, making me clear my throat involuntarily. "I'm sorry, Cal. I didn't mean what I said, I meant it as a joke, bro." I said, helplessly. 

I looked around, eyes squinting as I saw clouds of grey smoke illuminated by the street lights a few metres away. I sighed happily, walking towards the smoke until I found it's source. Calum Thomas Hood. He sat, leaning against the wall as his legs were sprawled out in front of him, his hand beside him as he tilted his head up, his lips releasing more spiralling smoke. 

"Calum?" I whispered, careful not to startle him. He slowly looked up at me before patting the dusty gravel beside him. I looked back to the bus, before shrugging my shoulders and sitting beside him, hugging my knees loosely. "I'm sorry, Calum. It was meant as a joke and-" 

"It's alright, Ash. I guess it's more my fault anyways. If I wasn't stupid enough to trust that girl then none of this would happen and I wouldn't be reminded of it." I nodded subtly, he was right. Even though I didn't to admit that, since I'd already pissed him off. 

"You alright?" I asked, trying my best not to cough and splutter. The boys and I had already  spoken to Calum about his smoking habit, but we decided that if he wanted to do what he did, then he would do it. He had good enough reason to, but we all despised his habit and I think he knew it. 

"Yeah, I guess. I'll be fine." He mumbled, standing up and dropping the cigarette stump to the ground, stepping on it with his black Converse. 

"We-" I stopped as soon as I heard my phone ring, hands fumbling into my pockets to pull it out. "Hello?" 


"Yes, Luke?" 

"Did you find Calum?" 


"Good. Now can you please come back to the bus?" I frowned for a moment. 

"Wait, why are you whispering?" 

"Because I'm hiding from Michael." 

"Wait, what?" I pulled the phone away form my ear as I heard the sound of an engine starting. I looked back at Calum with wide eyes and within a second we both ran, seeing the bus begin to move out. "WAIT! YOU'RE FORGETTING THE DRUMMER AND THE BASSIST!" 

"YOU CAN'T HAVE A BAND WITHOUT US!" Calum yelled. The door of the bus opened, Michael's head popping out as he laughed loudly. 

"Son of a-" 








I swear this wasn't going to be this long, but it ended up being like that bc the idea just came like a friggin ocean. 

I'm also running out of ideas, so if you have any comment or message me :) 

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