5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


15. Ridiculous


Michael: have you heard the media lately? 

Luke: not much, why? 

Michael: they think that you're pissed off at me bc I hung out with Arzaylea 

Luke: wtf really? 

Michael: yeah. And apparently we were flirting or some shit and you found out and apparently we're "not talking"

Luke: that's ridiculous 

Luke: you two are friends and I trust both of you 

Michael: I fucking hate the media sometimes 

Michael: it's a load of bullshit just so those fucktards can earn money off of their shitty stories 

Luke: and the worst thing is that our fans sometimes believe them 

Michael: yeah... It pisses me off 

Luke: oh well. At least we're living our dream right?

Michael: yeah... Let's look on the bright side. Well know that the real fans are the ones that will stick by us even if they hear stupid rumours and false stories 

Luke: that's why we all them family 

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