5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


18. Releasing GTB


Ashton: hey when are we going to release the Girls Talk Boys video? 

Michael: never 😈

Luke: I don't know 

Calum: let's make them work for it 

Ashton: ???

Michael: yeah! Let's get them to do something before we release it 

Luke: like what? 

Calum: hold up Mali stuffed up my Spotify playlist again 😒

Michael: THATS IT! 

Ashton: what? Did your pizza come?

Michael: no, idiot 

Luke: but you're the one that has idiot written on his shirts 

Michael: shut up Luke 

Calum: okay I'm back. Do we have any ideas? 

Michael: yes  before these two bitches pitched in 

Ashton: hey! No swearing 

Michael: you do it all the time 

Luke: but you're the one that swears the most 

Michael: *ignoring Luke* how about we make them share GTB on Spotify? 

Calum: yeah alright 

Ashton: fine, as long as we do eventually bring it out 

Luke: hey Mikey 

Michael: yes? 

Luke: where's the pizza I left in the fridge 

Michael: uuuuuhhhhhhhh 

Michael has left the conversation 

Calum: well then

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