5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


26. hehe


Calum: so... how do you feel about skinny dipping?

Michael: why not? 

Calum: oh

Michael: what? was i supposed to say no? 

Calum: no, i just thought it would take a lot of convincing

Michael: lmao, nup 

Calum: after tonight's show then, yeah? 

Michael: yeah 

Calum: alright, I'll go ask if luke and ash want to come 

Michael: NO

Calum: ??? why

Michael: bc you'll only spend time with luke 

Michael: don't doubt me bitch, i know the ways of cake like how to play my fucking guitar 

Calum: whoa 

Calum: that escalated quickly.... are you jelly? 

Michael: no, i just like your cuddles 

Calum: I've never heard you be so honest before

Michael: shut up 

Calum: hehe

Michael has left the conversation 

Calum: he's jealous af 





just in case you didn't know, i ship malum more than anything. malum 4 lyf :) 

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