5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


37. double u's


Harry: hey guys 

Calum: wait i don't remember harry styles being in this chat. or am i in the wrong one?? 

Luke: nah, the group name is 5sos and we are 5sos sooooo

Michael: idk I'm confused af 

Harry: it's not styles, its irwin. It;s ash. My phone broke so I'm using Harry's old phone that I found in my suitcase. 

Calum: why the hell was his old phone in your suitcase 

Ashton: idk i think he used it for one of our vacations (a/n: lmao, i'm listening to permanent vacation as we speak) 

Michael: ohhhhhhh haha sucked in ash 

Calum: but now the fans won't get double u's... :( 

Luke: *:-(

Calum: luke stop 

Ashton: wth are double u's?? 

Calum: Useless Updates 


Calum: but they're always like "uh, hey guys. had a great show tonight, you guys were amazing. love you. bye" 

Ashton: but the fans like it 

Calum: and thats why i'm sad about it 

Michael: hey, thats alright. i'll post a newsletter to make up for it :) 

Luke: someone's in a good mood 

Michael: yup. and don't ruin it 

Luke: sure thing :-)

Michael: alright then. I'll be back 

Michael has left the conversation 

Luke: so ash, how'd you break your phone? 

Harry: what? 

Luke: how'd you break your phone? 

Harry: i didnt break my phone? 

Calum: but you just said you did. before. 

Harry: no... i didnt break my phone 

Luke: okay now i am very confused 

Harry: it's harry styles 

Calum: but you said you were ashton 

Calum: lmao, i'm out 👋🏽

Calum has left the conversation 

Harry: oh, i've got to go. all the love - h xx

Harry has left the conversation 

Luke: why does this always happen to me?

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