5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)


21. Bro, do you even lift??


Michael: wtf is this 


Calum: we were working out? 

Michael: what does that even mean? 

Luke: you should come and join us some time 

Michael: i dont need to work out I'm fine as fuck 


Ashton: just finished up 

Ashton; where were you michael? 

Michael: in heaven where we dont commit sin such as doing 'exercise' or 'working out' 

Calum: It's fine, i love your tum anyways :) 

Michael: come join me in heaven calum 

Calum: ??? 

Michael: come to the back of the bus, I'm playing FIFA

Calum: be right there 

Calum has left the conversation 

Michael: wtf Luke 



Michael: stop trying to make me work out 

Calum: i told you i like his tummy :( 

Michael: yeah #malum5ever

Ashton: man, I'm going to go watch spongebob 

Ashton has left the conversation 

Luke: what is malum? 

Michael has left the conversation 

Calum has left the conversation 

Luke: guys?

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