5SOS Texts

it's all in the title :)




Me: I thought 2016 was over 

Calum: how the fuck do you keep getting into our chats?? 

Me: being a fangirl means you get super awesome hacking skills :) 

Ashton: who said 2016 was over?? 

Michael: i did. bc it was for me. i mean, just like i said on instagram, i'm sitting in my pjs watching spongebob 

Me: you know they're going to be ending spongebob soon

Michael: WHAT 

Me: wut 

Luke: well tell us how 2016 did not end for 5sos 

Me: ahem, okay, let me begin

Me: -Luke was seen in the reflection of Arz's glasses in her latest instgram post (don't think we didn't see you, we inspect each individual photo very well luke hemmings) 

- Luke has made a public snap: lukehemmings (tbh i would like to take this opportunity to encourage the other boys to do the same ;)

- cashton were at a nail salon to get cal's nails redone. (you boys are too cute) 

- ashton's been seen with fans 

- and michael is still sitting in his 'man cave' watching spongebob

Ashton: welp, we're just waiting for 2017 to come so we can start working again 

Me: oh, and also. When you guys were with Angus on nova for him to announce his leave for Adelaide, don't think wrongly about the malls balls cal, they're not what you were thinking. they are literally two big ass metal balls on top of each other in the middle of the city. 


Calum: i wasn't thinking wrongly 




Me: bitchacho I keep the screenshots 

Calum: what the fuck 


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