Their Green Girl

Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor but was never friends with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. She was welcomed among the young Slytherin first years, her bloodtype left a secret. Her friendship with Draco Malfoy and the rest of Slytherin house causes much trouble during her years at Hogwarts. But a fight with Draco changes everything. How will this change the Wizarding World and the Golden Trio?


9. Chapter 9

First Year: September


A small bushy-haired girl raced onto the platform. Her hair was in a tangle. She was breathing hard one hand on her trolley and on over her face. She started towards the train and her trunk was promptly taken from her by and older student who gave her a kind, calming smile. Hermione smiled back but was thrown back into her panic as the final train whistle blew. She mad a mad dash for the door hair streaming out behind her. In her hurry to get on the train before it left without her, Hermione payed no mind to the people around her. Which, in turn, caused her to run straight into someone. Both parties let out a yelp of surprise as they toppled backwards. Hermione rubbed her head while the person sitting in front of her gave a small moan. She looked up at the person she ran into and bit her lip. A boy looking to be just her age sat rubbing his elbow, a pained expression on his face. He was very handsome, for an eleven year old that is. White blonde hair, big charcoal grey eyes, a pointed but kind face. When he finally looked up at her Hermione blushed hard.

“I, am so sorry. I wasn-” Hermione started. The boy shook his head. Hermione gave him a confused look.

“Don’t apologize. It was my fault.” Hermione gaped at the boy.

“But I-”

“No seriously. Don’t. You didn’t do anything,” he gave her a kind smile before standing up then offering her his hand. Hermione happily took it and blushed as he hoisted her up off the floor of the train. “I’m Draco by the way. Draco Malfoy.”

“I’m Hermione. Nice to meet you,” she said. Draco was quite a bit taller than her. When he smiled she saw dazzling white teeth, dazzling straight white teeth at that. He was already wearing his Hogwarts robes. She was still blushing hard especially since he still hadn’t let go of her hand.

“Got yourself a girlfriend Draco?” Draco and Hermione spun around. Pansy Parkinson was standing in front of them, a smirk painted on her face. Hermione and Draco both blushed furiously, Draco dropped her hand.

“No,” he snapped. Pansy laughed at his still red face and stuck a hand out to Hermione who shook it tentatively.

“I’m Pansy. Nice to meet you,” Hermione smiled at the girl.

“I’m Hermione,” Pansy grinned and linked arms with the bushy-haired girl. Draco stood confused behind the two girls who were already chatting away. Pansy and Hermione strolled down the corridor laughing and talking like old friends, Draco following mutely behind them. When Pansy and Hermione stopped in front of a compartment door Draco almost ran into them. Pansy tugged the door and pulled Hermione inside. Inside the cozy compartment sat a reedy looking boy with jet black hair and freckles.

“Hey Theo!” Pansy chirped before plopping down in the seat across from him. Hermione and Draco followed her lead and sat down. Draco next to Pansy and Hermione next to the boy called Theo.

“Who’s this?” Theo asked Pansy.

“Hermione. We just met. I found her and Draco holding hands in the corridor,” Pansy said, obviously teasing the now blushing Hermione and Draco. Theo raised an eyebrow.

“Do you and Draco have and understanding?” Theo asked. Draco yelped in embarrassment and shock. Hermione looked confused. She opened her mouth to speak but Draco got the punch first.

“No, Theo, we do not have an understanding. I ran into her and she fell. I offered her my hand and she took it we just sort of got caught up in the moment and forgot to let go,” Theo smirked and settled back in his seat. Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.

“So Hermione, tell us about yourself,” Pansy commanded. Hermione had spent the months leading up to school reading. She wanted to know everything there was to know about wizarding culture. Apparently people like her, muggleborns, were scorned. She had spent her entire life so far being scorned and laughed at for being different. She swore to herself she wouldn’t let that happen again. So Hermione created a new “life” for herself. A new wizard-friendly identity.

“Well, what do you want to know?” She asked Pansy.

“Where are you from?” Theo asked before Pansy could respond.

“France,” Hermione said easily. She had been preparing for the first time someone would ask her about herself.

“If you’re from France, why didn’t you go to Beauxbatons?” Draco asked. Hermione shrugged.

“My mother went there and hated so she decided to send me to Hogwarts instead.”    

“Your mother is a witch?” Pansy inquired. Hermione nodded, “your father?”

“I don’t know. My mother won’t tell me anything about him. He died when I was young,” Hermione said quietly, with the best sad voice she could muster. Pansy grabbed her hand a squeeze sympathetically. Hermione gave the girl an appreciative smile.

“Favorite food?” Draco shot at her. Hermione grinned.

“Chocolate,” she said. Malfoy laughed. “Hold on. You don’t get to know everything about me if I don’t

know everything about you.” So for the rest of the train ride the for kids chatted and laughed. Telling each other all about themselves. Hermione learned a lot about her soon to be three best friends. Theo and Draco were Quidditch obsessed and knew almost everything there was to know about the sport. Pansy was a sweet but cunningly wicked girl. She liked clothes and pretty thing. She learned that all three of the kids sitting with her were from were powerful pureblood families. When she asked what Theo had meant earlier about her and Draco having and understanding Pansy giggled.

“It’s a pureblood thing,” Theo explained, “lots of old families still practice it. It’s pretty much a betrothal or arranged marriage.” Hermione blanched.

“There are so many rules though!” Pansy exclaimed, “For pureblood courting. Just pureblood stuff in general. Like Yule! What a pain in the arse.” Theo and Draco both agreed. Pansy continued. “Jewelry is a huge no no unless you’re engaged to the girl. Nothing too fancy either, don’t people thinking you’re full of your stuck up or anything like that.”

“But don’t worry about it. Our parents don’t expect anything like that from us till like seventh year,” Theo said happily. They carried on their conversation about pureblood traditions. Slowly the it drifted towards Hogwarts  houses.

“Slytherin,” Draco said confidently, “my whole family’s been in Slytherin.” Pansy nodded in agreement.

“I don’t really know. I’ll probably been in Slytherin but I wouldn’t mind Ravenclaw either,” Theo said.

“I’m hoping Ravenclaw but honestly I don’t know,” Hermione confessed. When the train finally stopped the four stuck close together. Hermione and Pansy linked arms as to not lose each other in the mass of students. The four small witches and wizards clambered into one of the rickety boats ready and waiting to take them to the castle. The four sat in silence. To nervous to speak. The wind whipped around them. Hermione shivered. She yelped as the boat hit the shore hard sending all four kids toppling forward. Once the boat was securely on shore they quickly hopped out and followed the rest of the shivering soon to be first years up the large staircase leading to the towering castle. The doors opened with a boom. Pansy clutched to Hermione as they hurried inside. Warmth surrounded them as they climbed more stair going deeper into the castle. When they arrived in front of a large set of oak door they stopped and stood in silence as a tall strict looking witch addressed them.  

“Welcome to Hogwarts, The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly. but before you take your seats in the great hall,you will be sorted into your houses. The sorting is a very important ceremony, because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory and spend free time in your house common room. The four houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule-breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points will be awarded the House Cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours. The sorting ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting.” (Rowling, Harry Potter)


The witch disappeared inside the room on the other side of the doors. Hermione straightened her robes. Pansy tugged on her wavy locks, pushing them away from her face. When she returned Everyone stood at attention, quiet and as poised as possible. With a wave of her hand she beckoned them to follow her and they did.She lead the new students down the center aisle. Hermione and Pansy stared in awe at the room they were walking through.

“I am Professor McGonagall. Welcome to sorting,” The witch said loudly. The hall erupted in cheers. She pulled out a scroll from the inside of her robes. “Abbot Hanna,” a small round faced girl tumbled through the crowd. She walked shakily up the steps to the stool that stood in front of McGonagall. She sat down and McGonagall placed a ratty old wizard's hat on her head. The whole hall sat quietly. Waiting. Hermione gasped in surprise when the had suddenly shouted, “Hufflepuff!” The hall once again erupted into cheers. The girl called Hannah hopped off the stool and ran to one of the four tables. Slowly the sorting continued. When Draco’ name was called Pans y gripped her hand tightly. The hat barely touched his head before shouting Slytherin. Pansy and Hermione clapped loudly. Draco smiled proudly and strutted down the stair and towards Slytherin table. When Hermione’ name was called she froze. Pansy had to nudge her to get her to move towards the stool. Hermione took deep calming breaths as McGonagall placed the hat on her head.

“Quite the mind we have here. Very clever. Cunning to. Oh, but what’s this bravery? And a lot of it! My my I am impressed. Well, it’ll have to be GRYFFINDOR!” The hat shouted to the crowd. Hermione sat stock still on the stool. Eyes locked with Draco’. The rage and disappointment stood plainly on his face. She looked to Theo who looked shocked and sad. Pansy looked surprised. She honestly looked like she’d be sick. Hermione mindlessly slide off the stool and walked towards her new house.

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