Their Green Girl

Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor but was never friends with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. She was welcomed among the young Slytherin first years, her bloodtype left a secret. Her friendship with Draco Malfoy and the rest of Slytherin house causes much trouble during her years at Hogwarts. But a fight with Draco changes everything. How will this change the Wizarding World and the Golden Trio?


1. Chapter 1

The icy wind hit Draco Malfoy's face hard as he strolled off the Quidditch pitch. His Nimbus 2001 was slung over his shoulder nonchalantly. Crabbe and Goyle followed at a distance. He was in a bad mood. After three hours of practice he still didn’t feel like his team was ready to take on Gryffindor at the match the next afternoon.

“Davis was off her game, and Adrian kept dropping the quaffle! I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone today!” he had complained to Blaise Zabini earlier during the practice. He had shouted at the team till his voice was hoarse and had reduced Tracey Davis to tears. Storming away immediately after practice, Draco spent longer than necessary in a steaming shower, until Blaise had pounded on the door to the locker room and yelled to him that it was time for dinner. After another twenty minutes they were walking up the hill to towards the castle. The front doors swung open and they were hit with warm air and amazing fragrances of the dinner being served in the Great Hall. Blaise walked calmly next to Draco who stormed inside. Heads turned as he sat down next to Pansy Parkinson. She rolled her eyes at the sight of his anger. He plowed through his dinner and left the Slytherin table before dessert arrived.
“What’s his deal?” Pansy asked Blaise as Draco sulked off out of the Great Hall. Blaise shrugged and continued on with his treacle tart.  Draco's mind strayed as he walked down the corridor towards the library. Pulling open the library doors he ran smack into someone and tumbled over backwards.

“Oy! Watch where you’re going,” he spat.
“I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going,” said a small voice.
“Obviously,” he said. Sarcasm dripping off his tongue. He looked up at the clumsy fool who had decided to run into him. Hermione Granger sat on the cold floor staring at him with a slightly worried look on her face. His storm cloud gray eyes narrowed. Disgust stood plainly on his face as he stood up and brushed himself off.
“I should have know it was you! Wandering around with your stupid mud-blood nose in a book, running into people. I think I’m going to need another shower now. Got to wash off all this mud-blood filth,” Hermione winced when he said mud-blood but stayed quiet. She stared up at him her eyes sparkled with tears. She stood up quickly, edged her way around Draco’s form, and ran down the corridor. Draco rolled his eyes and turned around, suddenly not feeling like staying in the library, and continued deeper into the castle.

Once in the common room Draco settled into his favorite armchair and summoned a book. With a loud bang “Hogwarts a History” came speeding down the staircase leading up to the boys dorms. Draco caught it with perfect agility. Skimming through hundreds of pages he found his favorite section and began reading. Settling in with a book in front of the common room fire was they only way Draco could relax anymore. There was no more secret shagging with Astoria now that they had broken up and she wouldn’t even look at him. Quidditch was becoming less fun, and more and more stressful. Reading was they only decent thing left. A hand rested on Draco's’ shoulder pulling him from his reading. He looked up to see Pansy’s green eyes boring into his charcoal gray ones.

“What did you do to Hermione?” Pansy asked with a scowl, “she was crying her eyes out in to loo.”
“I didn’t do anything to her! She ran into me and knocked me over. I just told her the truth,” Draco snapped back. Pansy’s perfectly arched eyebrows rose.
“Oh really, what’s that then?” she asked skeptically.
“I just told her that she should watch where she’s going and that she wouldn’t bump into people if she didn’t have her lowly mud-blood nose in a book all the time. And then I told her that I would probably need another shower to wash off all her filth,” Draco drawled casually. Pansy groaned and smacked him upside the head. Draco yelped, then gave her a confused look. She sat down in the armchair next to him and put her head in her hands.
“Your such an idiot Draco,” she moaned.
“What? What did I do?” he asked.
“Jesus Draco! How clueless are you? What the hell changed so much to make you treat her like that? You too used to be so close, what did she do wrong?” Pansy asked.
“I know, I know that Pansy. We would probably still be friends, but she lied to me,” Draco said softly.
“She lied to me too Draco! But I don’t treat her like she’s worse than the scum on the bottom of my shoes! Just because she didn’t tell us she was a muggle born doesn’t mean you can call her those things and say stuff like that! How could you say that to her?” She was almost shouting now, the younger students were starting to stare.
“Because Pansy! Because! I hate her for lying and leading me on. Pretending to be something she’s not for five years. She didn’t just lie to me and you, she lied to almost everyone in Slytherin house! Why shouldn’t I say what she really is? Why can’t I do that?” He, actually was yelling. Draco was seething with anger. Pansy stood silent and shellshocked. She bit her lip.
“Well if that’s really what you think I can’t change your mind,” she whispered.
“Pansy don’t do that,” he said sharply, “don’t try and make me feel guilty,”
“I’m not, I just don’t know what happened to you. She was like family, and now you won’t even look at her,” Draco didn’t answer. He was shaking with rage, giving Pansy a very unfamiliar look he walked away leaving her alone with many small, scared looking first years.  

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