One Crazy Year


1. The First Day

Chapter 1 “The First Day”    

    Hello, I’m Fuji. This is my first day of junior year in a new town. I miss my old town, Scaleswind, but I’ll give O’kasis a try. Well better head to the entrance, don’t wanna be late. Uh oh, I think i just ran into one of the popular kids at this new school.

    Fuji: “Ugh. Oh, I’m so sorry.’’ (Oh dear!)

    Haru: ‘‘Hey, don’t worry worry about it. It was my fault. The name’s, Haru’’

    Fuji: “I’m Fuji, the new student here.”

    Haru: “Oh, then welcome to FairyTail, the magic highschool.”

    Fuji: “Thank you, I better get to class.”

    Haru: “Then I guess I will see you around, junior?

    Fuji: “Yeah, bye.”


    My first friend, at least my day is off to a good start so far. The first three classes were okay I guess, but it’s time for fourth period. Calculus is next, then Magic 101. Here we go, Room 130.

    Haru: “Hey.”

    Fuji: “Oh, hey...Haru, right?”

    Haru: “Yep. Do we have some of our classes together? I guess so.”

    Fuji: “Yeah. What’s your next class?”

    Haru: “Magic 101.”

    Fuji: “Me too.”

    Haru: “This is so cool.”


    So we get our math work and talk the whole hour. Turns out, we have a lot in common, as far as I know. Haru is pretty interesting if you ask me, but his friends seem to be pushy and mean to others. Anyway, it’s time for Magic 101.

Haru: “Hey Fuji, wait up! I looked behind me and him trying to catch up with me to go to class.

Fuji: “Hi there. What’s up?”

Haru: “Just trying to catch up with you, so we can walk to class together.”

Fuji: “Oh, okay. Heh.”


When we get to class Mrs.Scarlet gives us both a magic book. Haru sits by me and partners up with me for as long as the teacher says. First, we work on fire magic (which is my specialty) and learn how to create fire from our palms, well for those of the fire prodigies.

Next, there is ice and air (that’s Haru’s magic, besides a shapeshifter. I may be one myself, but I don’t shift very much anyway.)

    Fuji: “I’m so excited to work with you.”

    Haru: “Yeah, it’ll be fun.”

    Fuji: “So, can you show me some of your ice magic, please?”

    Haru: “Sure, why not” He makes an ice star and makes it glow. I was so amazed, I kind of just stood there in shock and astonishment.

    Fuji: “Woah, that was awesome.” I create flames under his star, however it doesn’t melt. Then it turns into a snow star in Haru’s hand. Both of us were astonished.


    Haru hands me a little piece of paper before school ends. As I head home I open the paper and read it. The note said: Meet me at the park this Saturday.

    He put his phone number on the bottom. I can’t wait for this weekend. Tomorrow is Friday, which means I get to hang out with Haru in two days. Oh ya, I might wanna text him.

    Fuji: Hey, it’s Fuji.

    Haru: Hello, how are you?

    Fuji: Stuck with homework. What about you?

    Haru: Just chilling and doing homework as well. So, are you up for Saturday?

    Fuji: Totally.

    Haru: Alright. I gotta go, sorry. Goodnight.

    Fuji: Night.

After talking to him, I went back to doing my homework and finally got it done. Then my phone rings again.

    Fuji: Hello

    ???: Hey, how are you?

    Fuji: Who is this?

    ???: Its Zane, from bad home.

    Fuji: Oh my god, how are you?

    Zane: Good. how about you?

    Fuji: Fine. What’s up?

    Zane: I have a surprise for you.

    Fuji: Can I know what it is?

    Zane: Nope not yet. You’ll have to wait and see.

    Fuji: Aww, okay.

    Zane: I gotta go bye

    Fuji: Bye

That’s my best friend, Zane, from my old town. I really miss him. Wonder what his surprise is. I better go to sleep, there’s still school tomorrow.


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