One Crazy Year


2. Just a Crush

*Yawn* One more day...just one more, until I get to hang out with Haru. Someone texted me as I was getting my things around for school today.

    Haru: Good morning

    Fuji: Hey, what’s up?

    Haru: Getting around for school, you?

    Fuji: Same thing.

    Haru: Cool. Well I will see you at school. Bye.

    Fuji: Bye.


    I better head to school before I’m late. I check in the mirror before I leave….oh no, my fire eyes. Can’t fix them now, I gotta go. I’ll just turn them back to normal at school. Hopefully, no one will notice them. While waiting for Haru, I get my phone out of my backpack and listen to Evanescence. After about ten minutes, he finally arrives and comes to sit beside me.

    Haru: “Hey Fuji.”

    Fuji: “Hello. How’d you sleep?”

    Haru: “Fine. And you?”

    Fuji: “Good I guess.”

    Haru: “Well, then I guess I will see you in Calculus”

    Fuji: “Yeah. See ya”


I feel bad for acting like that. Well better head to reading. This’ll be fun, having a test in almost every class. Anyway, after my first half of the day I go eat lunch, alone again. Oh well. When lunch was over I headed to Calculus and sat by Haru.

    Haru: “Hey, ready for class?”

    Fuji: “Well yeah, of course.”

    Haru: “You’re something else, Fuji.” He smiles and shakes his head.

Fuji: I smile and blush.

Haru: “What?”

Fuji: “So, I’m special?” Smiling bashfully.

Haru: “Maybe.” He grins and notices my fire eyes. “Hey, are you okay? Because your eyes are like flaming fire.”

Fuji: “Yeah, don’t worry, it’s normal for me.”

Haru: “Oh ok, I see.”

Fuji: Someone taps on my shoulder, which startles me.

???: “Guess who?”

Fuji: “Who in the...ZANE!?” I turn around and hug him tightly. “What are you doing here?”

Zane: “Surprise! I moved here.”

Fuji: “Why? And for how long?”

Zane: “Well… I really miss you, and til graduation.”

Fuji: “Awesome. What’s your schedule?”

Zane: “Let me see. After this I have Magic 101.”

Fuji: “Oh my gosh, me too. Well, better get to work, before we get into trouble.”

Zane: “Oh ya, right.”


This is so amazing, my best friend is here. Yay! I hope nothing will change. I know this year will be so much better now that Zane’s here with me.

???: “Hi, Haru~Senpai” Some girl kisses him on the cheek which is ice cold.

Haru: “What do you want, Sierra?” He says meanly.

Sierra: “I came to give you a kiss obviously. I know you miss me. Well, bye losers.”

Fuji: “Who was that?”

Haru: “My ex-girlfriend. I think she still likes me”

Fuji: “Oh, I see” I barely smile and look down.

Haru: “What? Do you like me or something?” He laughs lightly and smiles.

Fuji: “U-um n-no” Looking away from him, I blush bright red. “H-hey, Zane wait up!” I catch up with him and calm down.

Zane: “You like him, don’t you?” Zane smiles and rolls his eyes.

Fuji: “Yes, I do. I’m supposed to meet him at the park tomorrow.”

Zane: His eyes turn red as he looks away from me, when we walk into class and sit down.

Fuji: “Uh ok.”

Zane: He grabs my hand and looks at me. “L-look, I’m sorry. You know I’m protective of you and don’t want you getting hurt.”

Fuj: “It’s ok Zane. Thanks for the flower and I know you are.”

Zane and I spend the rest of the day together. It was fun to reunite with him. After school, Haru comes up to me. Zane runs up ahead to give us some “alone time.”

Haru: “So how was today with Zane?”

Fuji: “Amazing. I missed him so much.”

Haru: “Did you him in your old school?”

Fuji: “Ya, maybe little.”

Haru: “I see. Well I will see you tomorrow, bye.”

Fuji: “Ya..bye.”

That was weird. Haru has never acted like that before. Anyway, I better catch up with Zane.

Fuji: “Hey, I’m back.”

Zane: “Well, looks like he’s jealous.”

Fuji: “Were you seriously listening to our conversation?”

Zane: “Kinda, but also I can read minds, remember?”

Fuji: “Oh ya. But why would he be jealous?”

Zane: “Maybe because I know you a lot better and probably because you told him you liked me.”

Fuji: “Oh, now I see it.”

Zane: “Do you still like me?”

Fuji: “I always have, ever since we became friends.”

Zane: “Hey, I have to get home, but if you want to hang out on Sunday and talk about this, just give me a call. Would you like to?”

Fuji: “That would be great. I got some homework to do.”

Zane: “Me too. Well I will see you later and I might text you later, okay?”

He creates another flower out of thin air and gives it to me.


Fuji: “Heh. Thanks.”

When I get to my room, I get my homework and start on it. After about a few hours, I eventually get done. At about 10:00pm, Zane texts me.

Zane: Hey.

Fuji: Hi. What are you up to?

Zane: Talking to a very important person in my life.

Fuji: Awe, you’re important to me to, Zane.

Zane: I gotta help my parents. Sorry, bye.

Fuji: Yeah, bye.

I decided to listen to Divide the Day before bed and soon after, I started to fall asleep. When I woke up, my phone beeped. It was a text from Haru.

Haru: Hey, are you ready for today?

Fuji: Ya, where we meeting?

Haru: Well I’m already about to your house.

Fuji: Oh, then gimme a second and I’ll be right down to wait for you.

Haru: Alright, just hurry.

I get out of bed and get dressed.

Fuji: “Hey Haru” I walk up to him as wave at him.

Haru: “Hey. look...different” He bites his lip in an eh kinda way.

Fuji: I got nervous quick. “Is that a bad thing?”

Haru: “Not all the way, but why do you look like an emo person?”

Fuji: “W-well, I just thought it was cute and this actually the really me, honestly.”

Haru: “Oh, I see.”


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