Saving a Prince

[Book 1 to the Prince Charming series]"You're not the only one that needs saving,"[© 2016 All rights reserved by Gabby W.]


23. Epilogue

Andromeda's P.O.V

I stood in the mirror and looked at my dress. I decided to make a strapless white long dress with white heels.

Every time I look at myself in the mirror I ask myself if this is real. I am marrying a prince and the love of my life! 


"Do I look okay?" I asked my mother. Mom, Liz, and London were the only ones in the room. Mom was helping London with her flower girl dress but she turned when I spoke to her.


"You look great!" she squealed and ran over to fix my hair. "Don't worry honey! I told your father he should come and walk you down. I know he will do it. He loves you," Mom assured. I nodded. I've been nervous about this who thing. At weddings, the dad is supposed to walk his daughter down the isle. It represents him giving permission for the guy to marry his daughter. What I am worried about is if he will show. He and mom aren't really on the best terms and I feel like he won't show because of her. 


"Okay. I hope so," I replied. A man walked in to tell us it is about to begin. We decided to get married in a cathedral. It's big and gorgeous! 

I walked out with everyone. Mom and Liz went out first to go and sit down. We met up with Luke's groomsmen so we can arrange the order we are going to walk down in. Amira and Calum were first. Then Taylor and Ashton. Lastly Lynn and Michael. London and Luke's little cousin, James were in front of me. We all walked down the aisle like this. At the door, I saw my father standing there. I smiled. We linked arms and walked down to where Luke and the priest were. Luke smiled at me and I smiled back. 


"We come here today to wed two young people, Lucas Hemmings and Andromeda Smith...." the priest began. I zoned out after a while. All I could see were Luke's blue eyes. He looked so charming with his black suit on. I was already ready to kiss him! And after a long period of saying our vows and putting on the rings the priest said, "You may kiss the bride!" Luke took no hesitation of removing my veil and pulling me in for a deep and passionate kiss. Everyone clapped.


Nothing made me happier than to start off the after party, dancing with Luke. Before anyone starts to dance the bride and groom are suppose to have their first dance as a married couple. I looked around at all the happy faces. London was playing around with other princes and princesses of other kingdoms. Mom was stood by Liz, Jack, and Ben, smiling at me. My dad was laughing at a joke Michael told. Ashton and Calum were hitting on all the girls they saw. And my group of friends, Lynn, Lauren, Amira, Taylor, Cat, April, and Arzaylea- yes, I invited her-  were waiting to come and dance. 


Just then the memory of Luke and I on the first day he came popped up and how I imagined this day to happen. I hugged Luke closer to me. From all girls, he choice me. The girl who works on a farm. The girl who didn't really have any friends. The girl who wished nothing more than to disappear. Now I'm the girl who is the queen of Troet. The girl who have great friends and wants nothing more than to be a great wife to Luke and a great mother to my future children. 


"You know what, Luke?" I asked. He looked at me with a puzzled look.


"What Andy?" he asked back.


"You weren't the only one that needed saving," I answered. Luke chuckled and kissed me.



No one's P.O.V

After Luke's and Andy's honeymoon to Paris, they moved into Liz's old bedroom. Liz got her own castle to spend the rest of her life in.


Andy and Luke had six children. Three girls and three boys. James Gordon Hemmings is the oldest who is 16. London(named after Andy's sister) Louise Hemmings is the second oldest who is 15. Lydia Lynn Hemmings is next who is 10. Next are the twins, Hunter James and Dylan Fletcher Hemmings which are 5. And last who is going to take the throne next is Gabrielle May Hemmings who is 2.


London grew up on the farm and married Luke's cousin James. They had two children. Michael Harrison Darwin and Angel Jane Darwin. 


Kathrine, Andy's mom got remarried to Gerald Hunter who is a bodyguard of Luke's.  They still live on the farm and adopted one child. Maria May Hunter who will own the farm when her parents die.


Jack and Ben still work to help princes to escape from harm.


And everyone lives happily every after! Except for Andy's cheating ex, Hunter who is in jail but that is another story. 



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