Saving a Prince

[Book 1 to the Prince Charming series]"You're not the only one that needs saving,"[© 2016 All rights reserved by Gabby W.]


6. Chapter 5

Liz's P.O.V

"Liz!" I heard John call from another room. I walked out of my room and into the room he called from. "Where is he, Liz? Stop lying to me!" he yelled. I stood my ground. I'm not going to give in to him. My son will become king and there is nothing he can do.


"I will not tell you where he is!" I yelled back. He breathed him heavily.


"Guards! Take Liz to the torture room!" John shouted. My eyes widen. "Unless you want to tell me where Luke is?" he asked me, seeing my reaction to his command. I shook my head and let the guards take me to the torture.


Andromeda's P.O.V

When I walked home after school one day my mother was on the phone with someone. She looked worried. Luke and London were playing I Spy outside. Mom hung up the phone and sighed.


"What's wrong, mom?" I asked. She jumped at my voice. She was too focus on something else she forgot I came in. She sighed again. Luke came in laughing but when he saw my mother's worried faces, the smile was gone.


"I just got a call from Michael, Luke's servant that Liz was ordered to go to the torture room by John. I don't know why it is keeping the FBI this long to capture John so Luke came go home," my mother sobbed. She felt so sad for Luke and for Liz. It has been a few weeks since Luke stays here. I looked over at Luke. He had tears in his eyes and before anyone can say a word he ran to his room. "Can you go and comfort him, Andromeda?" mom asked. I nodded and walked to his room.


Luke was on the bed, face buried deep in his pillow. I walked over and sat down on his bed.


"I'm so sorry Luke," I tried to comfort. He looked at me. His eyes were red and puffy. Tears almost came to my face when I saw him so sad but I tried to stay strong for him.


"It's all my fault," he sobbed. I patted him back gently.


"No, it's not. She was just trying to protect you," I pointed out. He looked at me. He's blue eyes looked deep into my brown eyes. We stayed like that for a while. Just looking at each other. I finally broke the silence. "Why is your uncle after you? If you mind me asking," I asked. 


"Because I'm supposed to be king," he answered.


"But don't you have two older brothers?" I questioned. He nodded.


"A long time ago my great great great grandmother had a baby girl as her first child. The people didn't like the thought of a woman ruling unless the king is gone or something so they waited until my grandmother to have a second child. When she did, she had a boy and they made him ruler over the kingdom. And ever since then the youngest was king," he explained. I looked at him in surprise. I thought it would get upset with me if I asked him something like that but he was honest with me.


"Oh." was all I could say.


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