Saving a Prince

[Book 1 to the Prince Charming series]"You're not the only one that needs saving,"[© 2016 All rights reserved by Gabby W.]


4. Chapter 3

"What do you want Arzaylea?" I asked coldly. If Arzaylea found out that Luke was a prince, she will try everything to make him fall in love with her. She pretty much dated every guy in this school. I need to keep Luke away from her.


"I'm just welcoming the new guy to our lovely school," she answered in her fake happy tone. She smiled at Luke. Luke gave a shy smile which I had to admit made him look so cute. "What's your name, handsome?" she asked, getting a little too close to Luke. I pulled her away from him. 


"His name is Luke," I answered."Now can you leave so I can help Luke get settled," I finished. Arzaylea glared at me but smirked at Luke as she inched towards him.


"I can take over!" she offered as she placed a hand on Luke. I looked at Luke and he was drooling over her. "Luke, would you like me or farmer girl to show you around?" she asked as she kept her hand on his body. Tracing small circles with her finger. 


"Sorry but Andromeda was already helping me," Luke answered. Arzaylea's lips formed a straight line as she backed away. Before she walked away she glared and 'accidentally' bumped into me, making me slam into my locker. Luke rushed to my side. "Are you okay, Andy? " he asked as he rubbed my arm. It felt really good. I nodded.


"Yeah... You need to watch out for Arzaylea though," I told him as I turned to watch her walk to her group of friends. I looked back at Luke. He had a confused look on his face.


"Why? I thought she was really nice," he replied. I let out a fake laugh. Arzaylea only uses her niceness to get with boys. There's never been a day where I hear her ever call me by my real name. It was always farmer girl. 


"That's what she wants you to think! But when you start dating she will leave you or even worse. Cheat," I assured him. He looked at me again with confusion.


"What's cheating?" he asked. The first bell fo the first period went off. Students rushed to their classes.


"I'll have to tell you that later. We have to go to class now." I took Luke's hand and dragged him to our first class.



"How was your first day Luke?" my mother asked as we walked in. She was covered in flour from baking too much. She wiped her hands on a towel and looked at us.


"It was interesting. I'm learning a lot about America," he answered as he smiled at her. She smiled back.


"Well, I'm glad. Go and do your homework. Andromeda please go and find the animals before doing yours," mom ordered. I nodded but before I went. I noticed that Luke was puzzled at what mom said.


"What's homework?" he asked. I opened up his backpack and showed him the sheets the teachers passed him and handed them to him.


"Now get a pencil and answer whatever is on these pages. I will be back to help you," I answered as I ran outside.


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