Saving a Prince

[Book 1 to the Prince Charming series]"You're not the only one that needs saving,"[© 2016 All rights reserved by Gabby W.]


18. Chapter 17

"Luke! Andromeda! London! I have great news!" my mom woke us up with her yelling. I groaned but got up anyways. I shook London awake and we both went to join mom in the living room. Luke came in moments later. Luke sat on my left and London on my right on the couch. London laid on my chest and Luke put his arm around my shoulder. "The FBI is ready to arrest John!" my mom finished excitedly when she saw we were comfortable and ready for the news.


"What? Really? Are you sure?" I asked excitedly. She nodded.


"Michael had been sending me pics of what they've been doing to Liz and I been sending them to the FBI. Michael has also been talking to some of the guards who hate John and we now have some people who will speak against him in court! They just want to know if you guys are willing to help catch him," mom explained. 


'Yeah! Sure! What do they want us to do?" I asked. She nervously played with her shirt. "Mom, are you okay?" 


"Yeah... They just want you to go to the after party when the soccer game is done and make sure that John sees you. When he does, Luke is to go with him where an FBI helicopter is waiting to catch him," mom explained. 


"That sounds scary but I guess we could do it," I replied. Mom looked over at me with worry.


"What is something terrible happens!" she asked. I shrugged. I couldn't really say it is going to be alright because I don't know! 


"We can't keep Luke from Liz forever. He needs to see her and I want him to get to see her," I answered. Mom sighed.


"I hate that you are right," she replied. I hugged her. That is all I could really do right now.


"Let's just hope that nothing goes wrong," I said.



"Andy! I need to tell you something," April said while catching up with me. I looked back and stop so she could.


"What is it, April?" I asked in confusion. What could she possibly have to tell me? We tell each other everything.


"I want, to be honest to about why I wanted to hang out with you since I ditched you for Arzaylea," she started. I still looked at her in confusion. "Arzaylea had asked me to go back and get close to you so she can find out things about Luke," she finished. I looked at her in disgust.


"You played me! And I thought to changed your mind on Arzaylea but no! You only wanted to do her dirty work!" I shouted. Everyone was looking at us now but I didn't care. 


"Andy! I'm sorry! I know it was wrong but I have now! Arzaylea is a lying cheating mess and I don't like her anymore! Please! Just forgive!" she begged. I shook my head. I was done with her. All my trust in her is gone! I ran off so I don't have to look at her but end up bumping into someone. I looked up to see Amira Kirkmen standing up and grabbing her things. 


"I'm so sorry!" I apologized and helped her. Amira and I never really talked. She and I never that close but I would love to be friends with her. She seems nice. 


"It's fine. I should've looked where I was going. You looked like you were in a rush. Are you okay?" she asked. I nodded.


"I was getting away from my ex-best friend. She betrayed my trust," I explained. We walked down the hall as I told her about April.


"I heard rumors about April ditching you but never believed it," Amira replied after awhile. 


After today Amira and I became good friends. Along with a lot of other girls but I'll leave that for another time.

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