Saving a Prince

[Book 1 to the Prince Charming series]"You're not the only one that needs saving,"[© 2016 All rights reserved by Gabby W.]


16. Chapter 15

Like any other day, I get up, get ready, and wait for Luke and London to get ready. Luke and London got really close over the months that Luke is here and it makes me kind of glad. Even though I was made at Luke for 'having' a baby with Arzaylea I still cared about him and wanted him to be happy. Now that I know about the lie Arzaylea told I forgave Luke but didn't tell him it yet. I have a plan and me telling Luke that I forgive him is not a part of it.


My plan is simple. My mother's best friend, Jade's husband is a doctor and I had asked him if he can do an ultrasound at school and he said if my school approves then he will do it. So I talked to my principal and told her everything that happens and she said if I was right then Arzaylea will have to be expelled for a few weeks for lying about something so important and serious to lie about. If I was wrong then both me and Arzaylea are going to be expelled. Me for false information and Arzaylea for being pregnant. They are trying to give the school a good reputation but I think they lost that chance when they let Arzaylea come here....


Overall my plan is working. Around lunch time is when Jade's husband, Scott comes and we will find out the truth then. 


"Are you ready to go?" Luke asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded and grabbed my backpack. This day will either be the best or worst day of my life.



"Are you Miss Andromeda Smith?" a man around in his forties asked. I nodded. "I'm Scott," he introduced. I shook his hand and walked him in the lunch room where everyone stared at us. "Hello, everyone. I'm Scott Donnell and I was asked her to prove that Miss Arzaylea Rodriguez is really pregnant," he finished. I looked at Arzaylea and her face had a look of horror. She walked over where the stuff was set up and laid down. Scott put the gel on and moved it around. Nothing appeared. Everyone gasped. "By the looks of things there is no sign that Arzaylea was ever pregnant," he added and stepped aside. Arzaylea stood up.


"How dare you! My plan was going so well before you do this!" she yelled at me. Principle Gomez came out with her arms crossed over her chest.


"Miss. Rodriguez, pregnancy is a serious matter! You are expelled and not allowed to go to homecoming," Mrs. Gomez said and everyone gasped. I was even shocked. This turned out to be the best day of my life. Arzaylea ran out of the school with a face red with anger. Scott left and everyone went back to what they were talking about. I went and sat with Luke. He was still shocked. 


"How did you know?" he asked.


"I went to her house and it turned out to be that her sister is pregnant and not her. You are welcome by the way," I explained. Luke chuckled and I smirked. 


"So does this mean we can go out now?" he asked.


"Is that your way of trying to ask me out, Luke Hemmings?" I asked. He nodded. "Then yes. Yes, I will," I added. 

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