Saving a Prince

[Book 1 to the Prince Charming series]"You're not the only one that needs saving,"[© 2016 All rights reserved by Gabby W.]


15. Chapter 14

It's been four months since Arzaylea has been pregnant and I see no bump. Luke has been helping like I told him to do which I'm glad but I'm confused. Isn't your bump suppose to show at four months?


"Mom, I have a question," I said one day when my mom was cleaning the dishes. She looked up and smiled.


"And I have an answer," she replied. I giggled but then gave a serious face.


"When you are having a baby. When does it show?" I asked. She looked at me in horror.


"Are you having a baby?" she asked, trying to calm herself. I shook my head no.


"No! One of the girls at my school said she was and now it's been four months and her baby hasn't shown yet," I explained. My mom relaxed at that and was silent for a while, thinking.


"Well I suppose you should start showing in the four months of being pregnant," she answered. 


"That's what I thought," I agreed and got up. "Mom, can I use the car?" I asked.


"Where are you going?" she asked, curiously.


"To a friend's house," I answered. She nodded and I grabbed the keys and headed to Arzaylea's house.



"Can I help you?" a middle-aged woman asked as she opened the door. She almost looked like Arzaylea so I guess she was her mother.


"Yes. I wanted to know when Arzaylea's baby shower is. Do you know?" I asked. Her mother looked at me shocked. She was silent for awhile. 


"Arzaylea isn't pregnant. You must be thinking about my other daughter, Adrianna. Her baby shower is tomorrow. Who are you?" she asked.


"Oh, just a friend of Arzaylea. And thank you for your time. Sorry for the misunderstanding," I said and went back to my car. I knew it! She was faking it! Now I need to figure something out to get Arzaylea to confess. I better not tell Luke or April until then.

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