Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


65. Wizard of Hope (Gina speaking)

10 o'clock.

My name is Gina Park and when my vegan volunteers showed up for work at Wizard of Hope, we got more surprise when we saw all dogs and cats playing together. We recognize some of dogs/cats just arrive at midnight and donation to keep our shelter. We even received surprise gift of dog and cat supply.

"This is amazing!" my friend, Kwai Soung Young said. "I wonder who rescue them?"

Just then I found note attach and it was Ki Bo Bae's handwritting.

"What in the world?" I said shocked. "It's Ki Bo Bae's handwriting and her check to Wizard of Hope."

"Huh?" Kwai was shocked to. "It is Ki Bo Bae's handwriting. Let's read the letter."


Dear Wizard of Hope:

After recent incident, my heart change and my two best friend, Choi and Chang and we rescued them from dog meat puppymill and brought them to two rescue shelters. Also this incident made me not to eat dog or cat meat anymore. We would be vegans forever.

As all the thing I did in past eating dog meat, I enclose you a lot of donation money to keep your shelter alive and endless surprise of pet foods.

Respectfully yours truly,

Ki Bo Bae.

"Omg, gosh!" we said. "It's incredible."

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