Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


34. Veggie Haven and Magic Vegan UFO (Yuka speaking)

We were having wonderful vegan dinner at Veggie Haven.

As we open our fortune cookies and TV Screen, "Attention, all NJ Resident. Please come inside to nearby restaurant because there is Evil Meat Eating Vegan Terrorist Alert."

As soon as it said, all NJ Residents who were nearby Veggie Restaurant entered and waitress/waiters locked soon as everyone got in.

Just then, TV showed image of beautiful city and 7-year-old girl who look like work for president came up and said, "Good evening, earthling of real world. I am Aya Kudamoto, Mayor of Vegan City. We come as peace and we seek your help."

"How?" I asked.

"We need both vegans and non-vegans to help defeat Evil Meat Kingdom." Mayor Aya said. "I'll transfer to our rescuers."

As soon as Mayor Aya said, TV screen change to sky above Veggie Haven Restaurant and so huge UFO we never seen Canada Goose logo on their jacket.

"It's Canada Goose employee and one other person." Sabrina said.

"Yes, I'm Akane Kitsumoto from Vegan City Exclusive Restaurant manger." girl said. "This Canada Goose Employees John, Angelica, Amo turned into full fledge vegan after terrible incident happened in Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Planet."

"Sue took us to this planet, which is exact same characters from our real world fairly tales, anime and Disney characters." John explained.

"Evil Kingdom's leader, Evil Witch's resident, Evil YesPreCure and Evil Bad End Precure has disguise as Vegan Yes Precure and Smile PreCure and turned everybody in Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Planet into evil meat eating vegan."

"Then we watched in horror as Evil Precure turned our friend, Kaori the Secret Subway Conductor and Amo into Evil Meat Monster." Angelica said. "As we witness Sue and Kaori started eating our co-workers Jessica and Maria, we became vegan."

"Then, Amo, John and I escaped via Neko Bus and took us to find Sakura Veganton." John said.

At that moment, Evil Infested Vegan Susie appeared and started eating officer Susie Moron and Amo shot her with special vegan bullet in tranqualizer gun created by Vegan City residents." Angelica said.

"Then Amo shot her she passed out." John said. "When Susie woke up, she told us she was back to normal vegan."

Then we had no idea she was acting when we were having lunch at 00+Co Pizza." Angelica said.

"While they were having lunch, Sue asked Amo to escort her to restroom because she was shaky, so Amo did." Carmen said. "Amo escorted her to restroom."

Then pause.

"Then after Amo and Sue came back and we had no idea Amo was evil infested Vegan." Carmen said until Evil Infested Vegan PreCure approached and give signal to Sue."

"Then Amo played act when Sue started to eat Carmen by helping John and Angelica rescue her."

"After Sue gave Amo, Amo tried to eat Carmen but we manage to escape with Carmen via Cat Bus to Vegan City."

"Horrible." Susie said. "Vegans and meat eaters cannot work together."

"Evil Kingdom made of Animal Cruelty Products and monsters are Meat Monsters and we need meat eaters to chew their defence." Akane said. "Evil Wicked Witch is weakness is dairy-free yogurt and vegan cookies." 

"Both meat eaters and vegan will vegan-proof protection clothes because once you enter Evil Kingdom, you'll turn evil." Mayor Aya said. "With Vegan Proof clothes, you'll be able to trespass Evil Kingdom. Meat eaters need to escort vegan to Vegan Witch."

Then another pause.

"My leader Sakura Veganton because Evil Meat Eating Vegan too because she didn't know Amo became Evil."

"We will help." all vegans said.

"Yeah." Meat eaters said. 

"Of course." Hunters said.

"Fishermen said."

"Good." Akane said. "Teleportation."

Soon all of safe vegans and non-vegans teleport by beam of UFO and as we entered, it was huge.

As we entered, Akane said, "Welcome to Magic Vegan UFO, talking UFO, Candy."

"Im Candy and I'm made from all vegan products, and I have every rooms restaurants, living rooms, sanctuaries, no-kill shelters, fur free stores." Candy said. "Thank you for coming all to help us with our mission."







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