Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


46. Vegan Virtual Game Arcade (Mayu speaking)

Susan, Nara and I entered the Virtual Video Game Arcade.

As we enter, the voice said, "Welcome to Vegan Virtual Game. My name is Caspy the Host. You must be Susan Vutcher, Mayu and Nara Sakamoto."

Yes." we replied.

"This is Vegan Virtual Game." Caspy said. "Once you step on this machine, you'll be teleport to virtual planet."

"OK." I said.

"You'll be sent to virtual reality world, mixed with humans and old days of Planet Earth when some of people used to be carnivores including animals." Caspy said.

"Then you'll get challenge by all kinds of creatures."

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, we're." Susan, Nara and I said together.

"Once you step in, you'll be playing together." Caspy said. "Then there's two player and 1 play follows.

"OK." we said.

"You'll still be Vegans inside game.

We stepped on game teleporter and soon we were teleported inside.





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