Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


36. Vegan Magic UFO and NYC (Anna speaking)

Only people who didn't see volunteer to help were Carriage Industry, Mayor Bill de Blasio's family, Trump Family, Landmark West, Korean Dog Meat Trade, China Dog Meat Trade, dogmeat supporters, Cooperhagen Zoo and New York Blood Center employees.

Only Animal Rights and Dog and Cat Lovers from China and Korea boarded to help defeat the evil witch.

We all wore corresponding vegan-proof clothes that looks like our clothes for people going back to real world to set up trap.

Fur industry wore vegan-proof faux fur that makes look like real fur. All volunteers got vegan communication spy radio microphone camera.

Butchers, Fishermen and Vegans were on invasion team to Evil Kingdom, so we all put on vegan-proof protection uniforms.

Other forks like zoo keepers, poachers, animal circuses went back to their real world to protect people who didn't volunteer to help.

Vegan restaurant employees work together to make Vegan Dairy-Free Ice Cream Cookie that look exactly like Triple CheeseBurger.

"Our vegan food weapon is ready." vegan chef said.

"It looks like meat CheeseBurger." I said.

"Yes." Akane said. "It is tricked Evil Witch."

"We created Trojan Beef Burger." hunters and carpenters said. "All vegans go in and we'll sneak you in."

"OK." Vegans all said as we entered Trojan Beef Burger."

Soon we were battle against Evil Kingdom.



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