Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


13. Vegan Kingdom (Yuka speaking)

Sakura, Anna, Mary-Kate, Alicia, Sue, Sabrina, and me and my service dog, Laura were teleported to Vegan Kingdom.

It was so beauitiful nature where all kinds of different animals and reptitles are hanging out together.

"Welcome to Vegan Kingdom." Shark said.

"This is where all animals and reptitles hang out together." Snake said.

"Unlike real world animals and reptitles, we don't eat each other." Spider said.

"Yes." Piranha said. "I don't feed on blood. I feel on tomato sauce."

"Follow us." Horse and Lion said.

We followd a Horse and Lion to house called "Animal Simulator."

"This is Animal Simulator where you'll be simulated as animals." Donkey said.

"Yes." Lion said. "This where former meat eaters or fur-wears can explore."

"We all do it." Anna, Mary-Kate, Alicia, Sue, and Sabrina said.

"OK." Sakura, Laura and I said.

After several hours, they became full fledge vegans.

We all received tranqualizer guns as weapon for our Canada Goose SoHo Heist.




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