Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


23. Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Kingdom & Cat Bus (Amo speaking)

I watched in horror as our friend, Kaori and Sue turned into evil meat monster.

I watched as Sue murdered our co-worker Jessica and started eating her. Kaori attacked Maria.

Just then, all fur coats teleported to here and they turn into coyotes, wolves, racoon dogs, and rabbits. Other animals joined us as well.

"John, Amo!" female Coyote said to us.

"Talking Animals." John said.

"It's OK." Female Rabbit said. "We came to help you."

"It's horrifying." I cried out. "It look like they turned into evil zombie."

"Sue and Kaori turned into evil meat monster because they ate meat." Female fox said.

"Sue was not vegan before." I said.

"Yes, we know." female retired Ringling Brother Circus elephant said. "Sue turned into vegan after she watched the video."

"Is there way to bring Jessica and Maria back to alive?" I asked.

"And to cure Sue and Kaori?"

"Yes." Cole Brother Circus female tiger said. "Only way to cure them to defeat the Dark Kingdom resident."

"We're just normal human being." I said. "We cannot."

We all sent message to all zoos, sanctuaries and vegan restaurants, slaughterhouse, fur industry.


"Yes, you can." former female New York Blood Center Chimpanzee said.

"Yes." Bronx Zoo Polar bear said. "Evil infested vegans are only attacking vegans and vegetarians."

"I think Evil Kingdom leader, Wicked Witch is planned is to spread evil meat disease to vegan into your world and make them human-animal eater." Willy the Orca from SeaWorld said.

"How do we cure them?" John asked.

"We also need to sent message to all vegan to spent inside where they're." female Haichi dog said.


"Then we meet to contact all meat places to hide the meats, live animals because they'll eat any animals."

"I have friend who work at Wildlife Conservation Society which operates zoos and aquariums."

"I have friend with FBI and CIA also." I said.

"That's perfect." Red Panda from Queens Zoo said.

"Yes." female snake from Staten Island Zoo said.

"Let's go." female Alligator said.

"By the way, only FairyTale Anime Planet's animal characters are not affected." Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro.

"Only way to get everyone back to normal is to create vegan food ice cream." female Spider said.

"Also we need help from Sakura Veganton, Vegan Witch, who will help us." female Shark said.

"Sakura Veganton?" I asked.

"Yes." female Panda Bear said.

"She is good vegan witch and queens of Vegan City." female Koala bear said.

"She's currently in New York City." female Pidgeon said.

"Is Sakura Veganton will be affected by meat disease?" John asked.

"No." female Deer said. "She is very powerful vegan witch and meat disease wouldn't affect her.

Totoro shout and soon as Neko Bus arrived in front of us and it was a cat bus. Cat Bus change it's destination, "Next stop, Sakura Veganton."

"Please get on." female Sparrow said.

Sparrow, Mice, John, Angelica and I boarded Cat Bus immediately and door closed behind us.

Seats were very comfy seats.

"This Cat Bus is comfy." Angelica said.

"Hold on time." female Mouse said.

As soon as Cat Bus closed its door, it started to ran.

We felt nice breeze as cat bus was running in speed of wind, and it was faster than Amtrak Acela Express.

We didn't feel the train as CatBus run through the building.

"Nobody can see CatBus." female Sparrow explained.

"When you ride on CatBus, you become ghosts during the CatBus ride."






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