Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


70. Vegan Curse Day Week (Kim speaking)

Friday morning 6:00.

I was with my friend, Seol Deyong and we talk about how Ki, Chang and Choi are acting.

I got hungry and I decided to poor milk into my cereal and ate it.

As I ate my cereal and taste my milk, it felt milk was more delicious.

"It's delicious." I said.

"Kim, is your face OK?" Seol asked me politely.

I look at my mirror and I had normal face. "Of course, I'm OK."

Then for lunch, I had Porkchop.

Then for dinner, I had Chicken Soup.


When I went to sleep that I had nightmare that I had pig face with cow spots and chicken legs.

For Saturday, I had yogurt for breakfast and ate Duck and Dog Meat for lunch and dinner.

When I went to sleep at 9pm, I had dream I also had dog paws as hand duck peak.

For Sunday, I had Cat Meat. When I went to sleep, I had cat whiskers in cow-spotted pig face in my dream.

For Monday, Tuesday , after I ate octopus, I was growing octopus tentacles in my dream.

For Wednesday and Thursday, when I ate shark meat, my teeth changed to shark jaws in my dream.


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