Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


27. Vegan City (Amo speaking)

Soon CatBus arrived at Vegan City.

"I think I lost appetite for meat and dairy." John and Angelica said.

"Me, too." I said. "I don't think we'll be able to eat meat or dairy anymore after our friend, Sue and Kaori turned into Evil Meat Eating vegan because of Wicked Witch from Evil Kingdom."

"Yes, that's how Coyotes feels." Sakura said. "We need to gather all vegan foods. In this Vegan City, if you eat Vegan Food, you'll turn to full fledge vegan."

"OK." we said.

We started eating Vegan Cheese Pizza and we said, "Delicious."

"I'm only going to eat vegan foods." John said.

"We'll have to replace Canada Goose store with vegan clothing." Angelica said.

"Yes." I said. "We need to rescue our friends and Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Kinngdom and our real world residents."

"Yeah!" Sakura said.

"Let's go to Vegan Exclusive Restaurant." Sakura said.

Then CatBus got to Vegan Exclusive Restaurant which was on top of ten-story vegan gingerbread house.

"All Vegan City buildings are made from vegan materials." Sakura explained as we entered Vegan Exclusive Restaurant, which was shape of Vegan Sicilian Pizza."

"Hello, Sakura." waitress named Akane Kitumoto said.

"Hello, Akane." Sakura said. "This is former Canada Goose employees, John, Angelica and Amo. They turned into full fledge vegan right now after they ate our food because they're friend turned into evil meat eating Vegan."

"That's terrible." Akane said.

We sent out alert and soon all Vegan City residents gathered at restaurant with vegan food, vegan supplies.

Sakura and Akane mixed all vegan and dairy-free ice cream, Soy Yogurt, Diary-Free Yogurt, Soymilk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, vegan foods, plant-based meats, fruits and vegetables together and soon they said,  "Ultimate Vegan Food Yogurt Ice Cream Cake! I'll call this UVF Yogurt Ice Cream Cake."

Soon Sakura used her vegan power to transform this into bullet and we put in our tranqualizer guns.

"Let's go back to Big Apple!" Sakura said.

"Yeah!" John, Angelica and I said together as we returned to CatBus and CatBus took off back to New York City.


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