Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


16. Times Warner Center (Sue speaking)

It was evening.

I felt uncomfortable wearing fur trim Canada Goose Women's Trillium Parka Silverbirch jacket but my manager Jessica asked me too, so I had no choice. My fur trim talked to me.

All vegans know I'm full-fledge vegan and fur trim coats are just undercover.

Jessica doesn't know I'm vegan yet.

I met Jessica at entrance.

"Let's go to 4th floor." Jessica said.

"OK." I said.

At 4th Floor, Jessica took me to Porter House.

"Porter house?" I asked.

"Isn't beef your favorite?" Jessica asked me.

Fur trim whispered to me, "Tell her yes."

"Yes." I lied.

We sit down on table by window and Jessica ordered steak for us.

As soon as our beef arrived, my beef whispered to me, "I know you're vegan, but you could eat me little. After you eat, you pretend to passed out."

"OK." I said. "My favorite."

Jessica watched me as I ate whole beef. "You still like beef."

"Yes." I lied. Just then, I felt dizzy and I passed out on table and fall off my seat.

"Sue!!" I heard Jessica shout and all customers and waiters/waitresses rush to my aide.

"I know all medical procedures. Im Arina Kuramoto. " 13-year old girl named Arina Kuramoto said as she rush to me. "Im daughter of vegan doctor."

"Any doctors fine!" Jessica said.

Arina began medical procedure on me.

As Arina did the procedure, she found out what was problem.

"Is Sue going to be OK, Arina?" Jessica asked Doctor Kuramoto.

"It's beef." Arina said. "According to my medical procedure, her heart is completely transfered to vegan."

"She's vegan?" Jessica asked.

"Yes." Arina said. "She's also collasp under fur trim as well."

"What have I done?" Jessica said.

"It not your fault." Arina said. "I guess Sue was afraid to tell you she became vegan."

I asked waitress if she has scissor and she went to retrieve and she cut fur trim off Canada Goose jacket.

"She's going to be fine, but she needs vegan food immediately." Arina said.

"I'll get Vegan stuffs immediately from Whole Food." one of customer said, who happens to be Nassau County firefighter.

After few minutes later, Nassau County Firefighter returned with vegan essentails and some vegan food from Blossom du Jour turnstyle.

Waitress washed out animal smell from juice blender and wash out well and put vegan food and vegan medicine together to create vegan juice immediately and rush to Sue which Jessica opened Sue's mouth while Arina feed me a vegan food juice.

I regain my unconscious.

"I'm sorry, Sue." Jessica said. "I didn't know you turn vegan."

"No worry." I said.

"You don't have to wear Canada Goose coat anymore." Jessica said.

"Thank you." I said.

Just then I got idea, "Jessica, I want to take all of you to secret place."

"Sure." Jessica said. "How we get there?"

"Tell all your Toronto stores to gather tomorrow at 5:30am on Finch-bound platform at Yorkdale, Elington West at 5:40am, and Bloor-Yonge Station at 5:50am." I said.

"OK." Jessica said. "How would they would know?"

"That secret train conductors at these stations will wait for them." I said.


I said, "Then that secret train will be coming to 2nd Av layover platform on northbound side at 7:30am."

"OK." Jessica said.








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