Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


63. Spending time as Korean Jindo Dog (Ki speaking)

As I exit the restroom, Burger King employees Mayu, Nara and other customers stop blocking the door, so I wouldn't escape.

Then girl name Susan came and Mayu paid 100 won and Susan grabbed me painfully upside down and put me in cage with frightened Jindo dogs and cats.

"Someone adopt me!" I yelled.

Just then, Korean Jindo dog spoke to me. "I'm Laura. My owner was Mun Chi Wang, who is blind and she's currently stuck in her house."

"How did you got kidnapped, Laura?"

"I'll tell my story." Laura said.

"Ok, I'm Ki Bo Bae." I said. "I not Korean Jindo Dog. I'm human."

"OK." Laura said.

Laura started the story.

My owner Mun Chi Wang was escorted by Chinese Service Dog named Kwai Yin Wang to Seoul International Airport. I was homeless and when I witness speeding truck ran over that service dog, Kwai died in truck accident.

Passenger coming off the airport told her that idiot truck driver kill her service dog and Mun Chi was crying.

Since she was blind, so I decided to take her place, so I approached her. One of police officer said, "Mun Chi, look like this girl puppy want to be your service dog." So she said OK. I help her get her service dog to Korean Dog Shelter, where she had nice funeral with Korean vegan activists.

Then after that, we became best friend and she called me Laura and even some restraurants let us in, and it was amazing.

Just then one night in our cozy apartment, Dog Meat Slaughters came in, "Let's take this dog for meat."

Other man said, "That's service dog."

"Our boss told us to grabbed any dogs." other female said.

I barked a loudly to wake Mun Chi.

"What's happening?" Mun Chi called out in Korean in her Chinese Accent.

Just then her neighbor Sophie Sang came bursting in and said, "They stealing your dogs, Mun Chi!"

"Please give me back my dog!" Mun Chi said.

Then they attacked Mun Chi and Sophie and I was kidnapped and ended up in this cage.


"That's so terrible." I said.

"For sake of Mun Chi Wang, Sophie quit her job and she joined Vegan Animal Rights Activists in search for me."

"That's great story, Laura." cat said. "I'm Kim, my owner was Seo Young. I was kidnapped same way too. Seo Young had little girl, named Gina Young.

It was Wednesday midnight.

Soon truck pulled over to farm where it was like a Puppymill and they put us in separate filthy cage next to us. We only had dirty water and filthy feces from previous dogs and cats.

It was middle of midhgt, Soon two female grabbed me by my tail and he hang me upside over the cooking pot.

"Someone help me!" I yelled. "I promise I wouldn't eat dog meat again."

Just then, they reveal their faces and it was Choi and Chang.

"Ki, now you know how this dogs and cats feel." Choi said.

"How you like your cage, Ki?" Chang asked.

"You can understand me, Choi and Chang." I said.

"Yes, Ki." Choi said.

"Do you really promise to stop eating dog meat?" Chang said.

"Yes." Ki said. "I wouldn't eat any animal products anymore."

Just then Susan, Mayu and Nara joined too. 

"We'll reveal our identify, Ki." Choi and Chang said.

"What are you talking about, Choi, Chang?"

"I not Choi." Choi said.

I heard another voice, "She's Yuri, Ki." another Choi said. "She disguise as me."

Then Choi in front of me return to Yuri.

"I not Chang." Chang said.

I heard another voice, "She's Doris." another Chang said. "She disguise as me."

Then Chang in front of me return to Doris.

"Do you swear, Ki?" Susan asked.

"Yes, I promise to become vegan and help dogs." I said. "I want to help Laura, Korean Jindo Dog service dog find her owner, Mu Chin Wang, who is blind.

"OK." Mayu and Nara said. Just then two more girls appear.

"This two girls are Vegan Witch, Eva Eliv, and Divel." Yuri said.

"Remember if you eat animal products, you'll be cursed back to dog." Doris said.

"Is there way to turn us into dog sometimes?" I asked politely.

"Sure." Eva said.

"But under one condition." Divel said. "After you transform back to yourself, you have to rescue all dogs and cats you can." Divel said.

"We'll give you Vegan Challenge for 7-days starting tomorrow  at Thursday midnight." Mayu said.

"OK." I said. "I'll take Vegan Challenge."

"Are you prepare?"

"Yes, Nara." I said. "I do it!"

Choi and Chang clapped.

At that moment, I was off the cookpot and I grow to my adult side.

"Remember your promise." another girl said.

"This is Carmen." Susan said.

"Yes, I promise, Carmen."


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