Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


60. South Korea (Choi- Yuri speaking)

Eva and Divel cast spell on real Choi and Chang Hye Jin to stay fall asleep until Doris and I disappeared.

It was 8:00pm Monday in South Korea and we're in Seoul.

Doris disguise as Chang Hye Jin and I was disguise as Choi Misun and we entered South Korea.

"Let's go see our friend, Chang." I said in Choi's voice.

"OK, Choi." Doris said in Chang's voice.

Soon Eva, Divel, Susan, Mayu, Nara, Doris as Chang and I as Choi took train to Noksapyeong Station, then at Braii Republic Restaurant, Doris and I spotted Ki Bo Bae eating dinner, so my friends took their places near Plant Cafe.

We pretend to be exhauted running and arrived at Ki's table.

"Hi, Choi and Chang." Ki said. "Why are you so tired?"

"We were chased by paparazi." I said in Choi's voice.

"It was horrible." Chang said. "They wouldn't stop chasing us until we got near here."

"Terrible." Ki said. "Let's have meat.:

"Yeah." I said in Choi's voice.

"We love meat." Doris said in Chang's voice.

"I created speciail seasoning for you." I said in Choi's voice.

I put special evil vegan magic seasoning that turns Ki Bo Bae into Korean Jindo dog. This season takes few day. As soon as Ki eats meat with it, she'll start transform.

"OK." Ki said.

"It was delicious." Ki said. "Thank you Choi and Chang."

"No problem." Doris as Chang and I said in Choi's voice.

"Let's go to my house for sleepover." Ki said.

"OK." we said.







Carriage Industry, Mayor Bill de Blasio's family, Trump Family, Landmark West, Korean Dog Meat Trade, China Dog Meat Trade, Cooperhagen Zoo and New York Blood Center employees.


"I'll transform to Choi Misun, please." Yuri said evilly.

"I'll transform to Chang Hye Jin, please." Doris said evilly.

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