Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


66. South Korea (Choi speaking

Ki Bo Bae, Cang Hye Jin and I, Choi Misun, Seo and we got invited to have vegan lunch with Anti-Dog Meat Friends. ADF volunteers were surprise as she ate only vegan foods, including Chang and me.

"This vegan food is delicous." Ki exclaimed.

ADF volunteers tested her archery skill with dart tart and she scores bull's eyes.

"Plant-based gives me more energy than dog meat." Ki said.

All ADF cheered.

After lunch, Ki Bo Bae ran more faster with plant-based food and drinks.

At dinner, Chang and I went to sleepover with Ki's house and had delicious vegan meal together.

Then telephone ring and Ki pressed speakerphone to answer.

"Ki speaking." Ki said into phone.

"It's me, Kim Yunhee." Kim said. "Do you want to have dinner tomorrow?"

"Sure." Ki said.







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