Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


6. Saks Fifth Avenue (Mary-Kate speaking)

As soon as we return to Saks Fifth Avenue, we took Saks Fifth Avenue Rabbit Fur Sleeveless Jacket and we said to coat, "We'll help you all."

"Thank you." Faux Fur coat said.

"It happens to meat, dairy industries has same experience we face too." Coyote fur said.

"From starting tonight, Anna and I will be full fledge vegan." I said. "We were get rid of all fur coats and animal cruelty products an donate you all to vegan sanctuaries."

"Thank you." all fur/leather said.

"Anna, gather all animal cruelty materials while I put sign up." I said.

"OK, Mom." Anna said.

Anna went to gather up all animal fur coats, leathers and products that test on animal products.

"From tonight, we not eating any animal meats anymore." I said.

"Me, too." Anna said. "That's slaughter factory was cruel."

It was about 8:30pm, and we locked up store and took Uber to VSpot in East Village.

About 9:15pm.

We give him our Uber Driver tip.







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