Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


9. Panera Bread and Saks 5th Av Walt Whitman Mall )Alicia speaking)

It was Monday morning and all Saks 5th Avenue employees are eating vegan food together in Panera Bread because of our CEO's strict rule.

"This is delicious." all employees exclaimed. "It tastes better than meat."

"I agreed." I said.

"Now, I agree with Vegans why fur is awful." all our employees said.

After we finish eating, we went back to work at Saks 5th Av and we also put "NO FUR" signs on our windows.

At 10:00am, we open our doors.

In morning shift, our first female came in with fur coat.

"Excuse me, miss." I said politely. "I am a manager and would you mind if this fur coat you bought at any Saks 5th Av stores?"

"Yes, my name is Sue Chang." female customer said. "I bought in Manhattan."

"Sorry to tell you, as result of our CEO is vegan, we have to take fur trim off your coat.

Female customer just laughed. "That's funny."

"Sorry, it's not joke." I said seriously. "All Saks 5th Av halted sell of fur coats and animal cruelty products."

"Huh?" Sue was confused.

"Just follow me to my manager's office why we don't serve furs anymore."

Sue followed me to my office and I played the Youtube video of "Kill and Wear It."

"I had no idea about fur industry. I love animals very much." Sue said crying as she let Saks 5th Av employees cut of fur trim.

"As for replacement, I'll give you FREE VOUCHER for any Saks 5th Av stores."

"Thank you, Alicia." Sue said.






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