Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


11. On NICE Bus n79 and MTA LIRR (Sue speaking)

While I was google searching fur coats and foods, I was crying.

I still have Canada Goose worker uniform from Toronto store and maybe I could sneak into SoHo store.

About hour later, I hope onboard LIRR at Hicksville Station.

As I was google searching, one website that read "Vegan- Top Secret. Please use headphone."

I put on my headphone on and picture of Korean Jindo Dog appeared and talked to me.

"Hello, Sue Chang." I said. "My name is Laura the Korean Jindo Dog."

"Korean Jindo Dog?" I questioned.

"Shh." Laura said matter-of-factory. "This is top secret organization and you have been chosen to take part of our training with fellow members you will be meeting."

"OK." I whispered.

"Tomorrow at 800, meet inside at the Mall at Source."

"OK." I whispered.











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