Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


68. Officlal Judge Day (Ki speaking

Thursday morning around 6:00am, Divel, Eva, Susan, Mayu, Nara, Carmen, Doris and Yuri came to my house.

"Congratulation, Ki Bo Bae for successful Vegan Challenge." Susan said. "You're official full fledge Vegan." Nara said. "I offer you full fledge vegan magic power to you and your friends."   "Thank you." Choi, Chang and I said together.

​"Next, I have to make all dog meaters vegan." I said.

"Good idea." Choi said. "We could scare them away from eating meat." Chang said. 

"Let's make Kim Yumhee vegan first." Choi said.

"Good plan." I said.

"Only Korea and China didn't go vegan yet, except for animal lovers." I said.

"I agree." Chang said.

"Let's curse her favorite food make her turn into animals depends on what she eat." Choi said.

"Let's do it." I said.

"Power of vegan witch, made Kim Yumhee into animal slowly depends on what she eats." we chanted together."






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