Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


28. New York City (Sue speaking)

I was back in New York City, but I was Evil Meat Eating Vegan because Evil Witch from Evil Kingdom made Vegan FairyTale Anime Kingdom residents to evil meat eating vegan.

As we came, we saw police officer outside the building of Trump Tower and I started chewing female Police Officer Susie Moron.

"Somebody help!" Police Officer Susie Moron said. "This girl is monster! She's eating me."

At that moment, CatBus appeared.

I quickly ate evil proof meat piece to keep me evil meat eater inside.

Then Sakura, John, Angelica and Amo came out with tranqualier gun.

"Police officer Susie Moron, we got this." Sakura, John, Angelica and Amo said. "I'm with Vegan Bureau of Investigation."

"Vegan Bureau of Investigation?" Officer Susuie Moron stated.

"Stop eating her, Sue or I'll shoot." Amo said.

"Go ahead, shoot me." I said evilly. "Im craving to eat you too."

Just then, Amo shot me to death and I pretend to faint.

"Let's hope our special vegan bullet worked." I overhead Sakura said.

Just then, I woke up and I pretend to be back to normal vegan.

"Are you OK, Sue?" Amo asked me.


"What just happened?" I played act. I saw I was holding beef. "Yuck, why I was eating meat?"

"It not your fault, Sue." John said. "Evil Witch made the Vegan Fairly Tale Planet resident evil meat eating monsters and they turned you to evil meat monster."

"Im very sorry, Officer Susie Moron." I said in sweet voice to hide my evil meat heart.

"Don't worry." Officer Susie Moron said.

"You back to normal." Angelica said.

"Yes, I am full recover to vegan." I lied but Angelica, John, Amo and Sakura didn't notice.

"I'm glad." Sakura said. "We need to get Jessica and Maria back to alive."

"Yes." I said, playing act. "We need to cure Jessica and Maria back to alive by vegan food."

"Yes." John said.

"By the way, John, Angelica and I became full fledge vegan too." Amo said.

"That's wonderful." I said.

"We all have to go in." Amo said. "Let's go to 00+Co. for Vegan Food."

"Yeah." I said.

My evil plan worked.

"I'll take Officer Susie Moron to nearby hospital." Sakura said as she left Angelica, John and Amo with me."


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