Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


25. Narrator speaking

All police officers, security guards, President, Mayor, Emperor, Empress, Prime Minister, Queens, Kings FBI, Secret Agents, CIA, zoo keepers, vegan restaurant, sanctuaries, farms, meat and fur stores heard the message of evil meat invasion. At Times Warmer Center, all doors shut dowwn immediately for vegan safety.

Bus, taxi, limousine, tour buses, RIDE Bus drivers and ferry operators help escort everyone to nearby vegan restaurant or vegan friendly restaurant.

All residents were trapped in restaurant, supermarket, steakhouse, vegan restaurant, vegan friendly restaurant.

Meanwhile at Evil Kingdom, home of evil meat eaters, Evil infested Vegan residents from Vegan Fairly Tale Anime Planet, Kaori the Secret Subway Conductor and and Sue the Canada Goose employee were craving for evil meat take over of entire world.


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