Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


64. Korean Dog Puppymill Farm Industry and South Korea (Ki speaking)

Divel, Eva, Susan, Mayu, Nara, Carmen left me a black Ninja outfit, Ninja equipment and mirror which said it was "Polyster, Made In Japan."

Choi and Chang also put on their Ninja outfit as well.

I look at mirror and I was returning to human self.

So I wore Ninja outfit, and I release Laura the Service Dog and Kim the Cat first, then release rest of them.

Laura and Kim were speaking to their dogs and cats in their language that I became good person.

"This way." I whispered. We lead them to abandoned bus and we made it work.

We stopped by at Pet Shop and bought a lots of stuff and we made first stop at Jinak's Shelter.

We sneak dogs and cats inside and type a letter with my donation money hidden inside dog's bowl.

Then we made final stop at Wizard of Hope Shelter and did same errands.

We only kept Kim the Cat and Laura the Service Dog to find their owner's Seo Young and Mun Chi Wang.

In morning, real Choi and Chang went to their computer to find Mun Chi Wang and Seo Young. My Kim Ymhee called me for dinner tomorrow.

"Ki, we found them." Cho said.

"Let's go." I said.

Our friends in other dimension has hijacked the police's computer and put pet's licence for Seo Young's cat, Kim and Mun Chi Wang's service dog, Laura.

They were at park nearby and it seems like Seo Young was helping Mun Chi Wang.

"Excuse me, are you Seo Young and Mun Chi Wang?"

"Yes, I'm Seo Young and this is Mun Chi Wang." little girl said. "Ki Bo Bae?"

"Dog meat eater?" Mun said.

"Yes, I used to love them" I said. "My hear change and I wouldn't eat dog-cat meat anymore."

"Are you serious?" Mun asked.

"Yes, she is serious."  Chang said.

"She has rescue something you have been missing." Cho said.

I reveal Kim the Cat and Laura the service dog.

"It's my cat, Kim!" Seo cried in happy.

Laura barked and said, "Is that you, Laura?"

Seo saw Laura nodded and "It is your service dog, Mun."

Seo just than saw another incredible moment when Laura and Kim became unlikely friend and they kiss each other.

"This is so remarkable." Seo said to Mun. "My cat and your dog is kissing each other."

"We rescue your pet and we release all dogs/cats from puppymill and put into Jimack Shelter and Wizard of Hope shelter with surprise gift.



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