Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


5. Fur Industry Farms (Mary-Kate speaking)

As soon as we wore our choice of fur coats, we were teleported to Fur Industry Farms.

We saw dogs, Canadian geese, Rabbits, cows, foxies in cage and cage were very tied.

As we walked inside slaughterhouse, we saw horrible conditions.

"It's horrible." Anna whispered.

Then we were shocked to see worker killing and attacking animals, well as cutting their skins.

Our Rabbit Fur jacket whisper to us, "This is how all fur and leather coats are made."

"Awful." I whispered.

"Good evening, miss." Fur Industry employee said.

We smiled back and said, "Good evening."

Then we went to forest area near slaughter house, where hunters killed Coyote, Wolves, Rabbits for fur coats and brought them to slaughterhouse.

"It's evil." we whispered to each other and our Rabbit Fur Jacket.

"I think I want to help them." Anna said.

"Me, too."

As soon as we said that, we teleported back to Saks 5th Avenue.



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