Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


45. Field Trip to Vegan City (Susan speaking)

It was Saturday early morning.

Entire schools, colleges, universities, day care centers students and childrens were invited to board Vegan Magic UFO with their families and babysisters for adventure to Vegan City first.

First Candy the Vegan UFO stopped at Vegan City.

Vegan City was extended to former Evil Kingdom and replace the evil abandoned Haunted Slaughterhouse to Vegan Solar Lunar Wind Energy Castle with secret passege. In Secret Passage, evil was seeled away for good.

I was with my friends, Mayu Sakamoto and her sister, Nara. Our family change our name "Butcher" to "Vutcher" because we all became vegans after the incident. My parents couldn't come, but Mayu and Nara's mother, Yukari came with us.

"Have fun girls." Yukari said. "I'll be leaving making delicious dinner at our Vegan City Hotel."

"OK, mom." Mayu and Nara said.

"OK, Yukari." I said.

Yukari left back for hotel.

Mayu, Nara and I found interesting places called "Vegan Virtual Game Arcade."

"That sounds like fun." Mayu said.

"Let's go." Nara said.

"I agreed. I love games."

We soon entered the Vegan Virtual Game Arcade.



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