Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


53. Fantasy City (Carmen speaking)

Soon as my evil friends, Susan, Mayu and Nara escorted me into whitehouse to President John, my dad, I said evilly, "Dad, I was afriad!"

"Carmen, why your voice sounds evil?" John asked.

"Don't worry, Mr. President." Mayu said evilly. "That rumor at Dark Forest of No Return was not true."

"Yes." Nara replied evilly. "We escape because we didn't turn evil."

"And we defeated the Eva and her sister, Divel." Susan said evilly. "We all have stuffy voice due to spending time rescuing Carmen."

"Thank you, so much for your help, Mayu, Nara, Susan." President John said. "To show my respect of apprexiation, I grant you to go fun time with Carmen and plus approved shopping spree card."

"Thank you, sir." Susan, Mayu and Nara said evilly.

"Thank you, Dad." I said evilly. "They're true my new friends."

"No problem, sweetheart." President John said.

"Fantasy City has great mall." I said evilly.

"Let's go." Susan, Mayu and Nara said evilly.

"Since I'm president's daughter, I have to put my disguise." I said evilly.

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