Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


38. Evil Kingdom (Susan speaking)

As we entered Evil Kingdom was very scary places and it was polluted with oil, blood, coils, nuclear materials.

"It's awful place." hunters said. "It looks like Haunted Factory."

"Im afraid of haunted house." fishermen said.

"Me, too." Vegans in Trojan Cheeseburger said.

"We have to face our fears to save our Earth." Ringling Brother Circus employee said.

"Yeah." Circus du Quil employee said. "We're all afraid of haunted house, but saving vegans and fellow citizens are important."

"I agreed." Coles Brother Circus employee said.

"Yeah." UniverSoul Circus employees said.

Soon we approached main gate and we knocked on door and Evil Werewolf appeared and said, "What's your business?"

I played act by evilly and said, "We're from Evil Planet and we have delicious meat for your Evil Witch."

"You may enter." Evil Werewolf said.

Evil All Star Precure opened the door as we entered Evil Kingdom. There were lots of scary evil creatures including from fairy tale.

"Can you take this to Evil Witch?" I asked evilly.

"Sure." Evil Maho GIrls Precure said.

Soon they took our bait and borough them into castle.

Then we faced meat monsters and we started eating them non-stop and we defeated them.

Now we're waiting for vegans in Trojan Cheeseburger to come back.


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