Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


52. Dark Forest of No Return (Nara speaking)

I trust my friend, Susan and Mayu, even thought they're voices sounded evil, so I went outside of cabin for fresh air.

I took relaxing fresh air for few moments. I was so relaxed, I fall asleep outside and didn't realize evil sensation cover me up.

When I woke up few minutes later, I was evil."

"I'm Evil now." I said evilly. "I now have to help Eva, Divel, Carmen, Susan, Mayu for evil masterplan ever."

I went back inside Cabin and said evilly and grinned evil smile, "Fresh air was great."

Susan, Mayu and I said evilly, "We're all evil now."

"Good." Carmen said evilly. "Take me home now."

"OK." we said evilly.

"Remember act like normal person with evil voice." Carmen said evily.

"OK." Susan, Mayu and I said evilly.

"Eva and Divel will contact us when she's ready to carry out her evil master plan." Carmen said evilly.

"OK." Susan, Mayu and I said evilly.

Carmen, Susan, Mayu, and I exit the Dark Forest of No Return, but we were Evil.

We headed back to Fantasy City.




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