Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


51. Dark Forest of No Return (Mayu speaking)

With shovel, I was outside looking for bury marked outside the cabin.

I felt strange evil sensation entered my body when I touch a shovel.

Then I notice the buried mark, so I used shovel. As I dig a dirt up, evil sensation covered me up entirely and I turned evil too. I found the wallet and I smiled evilly, "I'm Evil now. I must help Eva, Divel, Carmen, Susan with evil mission."

Then, as I walk back slowly with Carmen's Wallet,I said evilly. "I have to make my sister, Nara evil, too, so we all could plan our evil plan together."

As I return to cabin, I said evilly, "I found your wallet, Carmen."

"Great job." Susan said evilly.

"Yeah." Carmen said evilly. "That's my wallet. Thank you."

"You caught evil disease too, Mayu?" Nara asked.

"Yes, sister." I said evilly. "Just the disease, I didn't turn evil."

"Nara, maybe you should get fresh air." Susan suggested evilly. "Maybe this house is making you confuse."

"But John said about..."

"Don't worry, rumor is not real." Carmen said evilly. "It's make up belieive."

"OK." Nara said. "I will."

Soon as Nara went outside the cabin, Carmen said evilly, "Now she's going to be part of us." 

"That's perfect plan ever." Susan said evilly.

"Eva and Divel needs our help." I said evilly.


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