Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


59. Dark Forest of No Return and Evil Teleporter Machine ((Susan speaking)

Susan, Mayu and I never into South Korea, but we had plan.

"Let's kidnapped Kim Bo Bae." I said evilly. 

"In order to kidnap her, we need to be disguise as her team fan." Nara said evilly.

"We have to disguise as Olympic celebrity and we have to pretend we love dog meat." Mayu said evilly.

"That's great plan." I said evilly.

"I agree." Yuri said evilly.

"I'll install something to disguise as tourists." I said evilly.

Soon, machine voice said, "Perfect disguise transformation completed."

"Let's enter all together." I said evilly.

"Yeah." Doris said evilly.

"Even with transformation, we will still be evil." Mayu said evilly.

"OK." Eva, Divel, Carmen, Yuri and Doris said evilly.

"I installed the program and depends on characters, you'll remember way around the world where that character live." I said evilly.

"Perfect." Eva and Divel said.

"Even with our disguise, we'll still remember we're still us." I said evilly.

"Yeah." Mayu and Nara said evilly.

We all enter the machine.

Soon, computer voice said, "Welcome to Evil Teleporter Machine to Real World. Who would you like to transform to?"

"I'll transform to Choi Misun, please." Yuri said evilly.

"I'll transform to Chang Hye Jin, please." Doris said evilly.

"Make us get authorized USA passports which international access." Mayu, Nara and I said evilly. "We'll be fan and paparazzi."

"We'll transform to fan and paparazzi also." Eva and Divel said.

"I'll transform to ten-year-old girl." Carmen said evilly.

"OK." voice said. "You're request accepted. Stand by for transformation."

Soon transformation was completed.

"How do I look, Susan?" Yuri asked me. She sounded like Choi Misun.

"Perfect, Yuri!" I said evilly. "You're exactly perfectly transform to Choi Misun."

"Yeah." Doris said.

"You exactly perfectly transform to Chang Hye Jin!" Mayu and Nara said evilly.

"Thank you, Mayu and Nara."

"When we get into South Korea, you have to act like them to get Ki Bo Bae to us." Carmen said in her little girl voice.

"Perfect." Susan said evilly. "Let's do this!"

"Yeah." we all said together.









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