Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


2. Central Park Children Zoo (Anna speaking)

Nice lady named Sakura Veganton escorted me to front of Central Park's Children Zoo.

"I see my mom, Sakura." She's on bench inside the children's zoo.

"Excuse me, sir." Sakura said politely to zookeper. "This little girl, Anna Francis got seperate from her mother, Mary-Kate who is sitting on bench there. Is it OK if I could bring her to her mom, please?"

"Sure." Zookeeper said. "Go ahead."

"Thank you very much." Sakura and I said.

"Mom!" I said to Mary-Kate who look up and run over to hug me.

"Are you OK, honey?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Sure." Anna said. "Mom, this is Sakura Veganton. She rescued me before I could run over carriage driver."

"Thank you very much." Mary-Kate said. "May I treat you to lunch, Sakura? I'm on break right now."

"That's OK." Sakura said.

"Please." Isaid.

"OK." Sakura said."But I'm vegan."

"I'll treat you to Vegan Food." Mary-Kate said.

"Thank you." Sakura said.

"This is way I could pay for your  heroic action, Sakura." Mary-Kate said. "Thank you for rescuing my daughter."

"No problem." Sakura said.

"Is Columbus Circle Whole Food ok for you?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Yes." Sakura said.

Sakura, Mary-Kate and I stroll through Central Park. I explained to my mom what happened when I saw carriage drivers. My mom was very angry toward them for risking my life.

Soon we came to Columbus Circle Whole Food Market.


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