Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


31. CatBus and Vegan City (Angelica speaking)

We took CatBus back to Vegan City with Carmen Sandiego meet Akane Akimoto and they look upset.

"Wow, this city  is amazing." Carmen said.

"This is Vegan City." John said. "Everything is made out of vegan materials.

"What's wrong?" I asked as Akane Kitsumoto said and she looks upset.

"Sakura Veganton turned into evil meat eater Vegan Witch." she said.

"Oh, no!!" John cried out. "How she become Evil Meat Eater"

"Apprently, some of Evil Vegan Anime Fairly Tale Anime Planet resident disguise  as John, Carmen and you, Angelica to trick her." Mayor Aya Kudamoto said.

"What we going to do?" Carmen asked.

"If she becomes evil, our Vegan City will loose it's power and it will be destroyed." Akane said.

"This city was invented by Sakura's magic." Mayor Aya Kudamoto said.

"Howw we could help?" John asked.

"We need to rescue her friends and we need everyone's power to help us." Mayor Aya Kudamoto said.

"Here is list of her friends which she turned them to compassion vegans."

"We also need help from meat eaters, slaughterhouse industry, hunters and poachers, fishers to help capture Evil Vegan Witch said.

"OK." I said.

"How we get there?"

"Sakura has created Vegan Emergency UFO and this is vegan-proof and it keeps evil out." Akane said. "It's female UFO and her name is Candy."

As soon as it said, hugest UFO and it was biggest and longest with 4 story tall UFO.

"Wow, Candy is huge." Carmen said.

"Yes." Akane said. "It could transport any transportation and people."

"Candy could detect who is evil vegan, evil monster or not." Mayor Aya said.

"I love carrying anyone who need to rescue." Candy the UFO said.

"Only way to bring Sakura Veganton back to her vegan witch self to defeat Evil Wicked Witch, leader of Evil Kingdom."

"OK." Carmen said. "Let's go rescue!"




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