Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


43. Canada Goose Store Toronto (Amo speaking)

We all glad Trump give handed the Hillary Cliton presidental title and she was now 2017 president.

All the slaughterhouse and fur farms closed down.

We saw news and all carriage rides replaced with attractive vegan eCarriage with horse-shaped pedicab attached to it.

All former Carriage drivers got used to it and they love it.

We all donating Canada Goose Jackets to Vegan City where Vegan City fashion designer used her vegan power to make our Canada Goose product fur free and leather free.

"It's great."

All Canada Goose employees except Jessica and Sue who are still exploring New York City are at Whole Food Market eating vegan foods happily.

Everyone seem to be enjoying Vegan Foods because after recent Evil Meat Invasion, everyone became vegan.

I even heard all Dog Meat Trade has been shut down for good and dog meat traders turned into vegans too.

"This is delicious vegan food ever." Angelica said.

"I agreed." John and I said.

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