Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


30. 00+Co (Sakura speaking)

I was starved, so I ate the full vegan cheese pizza.

Something happen to my vegan witch body as I started to feel evil sensation, craving for meat.

"How do you feel, Sakura?" Angelica asked me.

"I feel craving for meat." I said evillly. "I want to eat both human and animal."

"Excellent." Amo said evilly.

"Yeah." Dorothy disguise as Carmen said evilly.

"I'm Evil Vegan Usagi." Evil Vegan Usagi said in John's voice.

"Evil Vegan FairlyTale Anime Kingdom resident disguise as our friends.

"I could use my evil vegan witch power to make all non-vegan foods into vegan  products and vegan food to non-vegan meat." I said evilly.

"Yeah." Evil Vegan Good Witch of North said in Angelica's voice.

'That's master plan, Sakura." Evil Vegan Suite Precure members said.

"Excellent idea." Evil Vegan Cardcaptor Sakura said.





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