Friendly Vegan Witch

Base on veganism


29. 00+Co (Amo speaking)

Thursday noon.

John, Angelica, Sue and I were sitting on table inside 00+Co which was complete almost empty. Only few vegans were eating.

Employee locked door again because of evil meat monster invasion.

We were discussing how to revive Jessica and Maria.

"I feel bad for eating them." Sue cried.

"It not your fault." Jessica said. "Evil Wicked Witch made you turn into evil meat eating vegan." John said.

Soon Vegan Pizza arrived and we all started eating.

"It's delicious." Sue said.

"Yeah." John said.

"It's more delicious than meat." Angelica said.

"It's more delicious than regular pizza." I said.

It was about 3pm.

Sue started to stand up, "Amo, can you help me to restroom? I'm still little shaky from incident."

"Sure." I said as I stand up to help Sue to restroom. "I need to use restroom, too."

We both took our drinks to restroom.

We went to different stalls to do our business.

After few minutes later, I met with Sue again.

"Amo, can you try this vegan pill I made?" Sue asked.

"Sure." I said. "When did you made it?"

"I made it when we were on CatBus." Sue said.

"OK." I said.

As I ate vegan pill, I felt evil sensation of meat and I turned evil.

"How do you feel, Amo." Sue asked.

"I'm evil." I said evilly. "I'm craving for human and animal blood."

"I'm not back to normal." Sue said evilly. "I tricked you all."

"That's great job." I said evilly.

"When we get back to our table, we had to act normal until our master give us signal." Sue said evilly.

"Yes, Sue." I said evilly.

"That vegan pill has little piece of beef." Sue said evilly.

"Delicious." I said evilly.

"After I give you signal, you show your evil meat self."

"OK." I said evilly.

Sue and I acted normal as we exit restroom and return to our table.

Just then, we saw evil infested Vegan Nozomi the Cure Dream fighting the evil beef monster.

Then evil infested Vegan Miyuki the Cure Happy give us signal.

"Ha, ha, ha." Sue said evilly.

"Sue, what are you doing?" I acted surprise.

"I'm still Evil Meat Eating Vegan." Sue said evilly as she unlock the restaurant door.

"I thought vegan bullet hit you." I acted.

"Yes, it did." Sue said evilly. "I ate evil meat proof food before you shot me, Amo."

"We'll being tricked." John said. "Let's protect stranger vegans."

All vegans that were eating were on panic.

"Yeah." I acted again to join John and Angelica to help scared vegans.

"We're going to protect you." I said to 21-year-old vegan girl, Carmen Sandiego.

"Thank you." Carmen said, shaking from fear.

Just then, Sue give me signal.

"Ha, ha, ha!" I said evilly.

"What are you doing Amo?" John asked.

"I'm Evil Meat Eating Vegan." I said evilly. "Im going to eat everyone up."

"Oh, no!" Angelica said. "Now, Amo is evil too. Sue tricked Sakura."

"Of course." Sue said evilly. "To turn every vegans into meat eating vegans."

"Yeah." Evil Vegan FairyTale Anime Planet residents said.

"Let's run, Carmen." John and Angelica said as she dragged Carmen out of Vegan Restaurant into CatBus.

We all ate Vegan Waitress/Waiters.

"I think our Witches of North and South can use their witch power to disguise into John and Angelica." Evil Vegan Dorothy said.

"Yes, I could." Evil Vegan Good Witch of North said.

"I could disguise as you as Carmen Sandiego." evil Vegan Good Witch of South said. 

"We could help too." Evil Vegan Maho Girls Precure members said. "We could work together to control vegan waiters, vegan waitresses and same vegan customers as before to act like normal vegan as nothing happened.

"That's great plan." Evil Vegan Usagi Tsukino said. "I'll use my transformation pen to transform to John."

"Perfect." Sue said evilly.

"Sakura doesn't know I'm evil." I said evilly.

Our controlled waitresses and waiters locked vegan restaurant again.

Evil Vegan Usagi use her Luna disguise power and said evilly, "Moon Power! Transform to John!"

Soon Vegan Usagi transform to John and she said, "What do you think, Amo?" Evil Vegan Usagi asked.

"That's exactly like my John." I said evilly.

Evil Vegan Good Witch transform to Angelica while Evil Vegan Good Witch transform Dorothy to Carmen Sandiego.

Evil Vegan Good Witch transform to one of waitresses.

"That's perfect plan." evil Vegan Good Witch of North said in Angelica's voice.

"Yeah." Dorothy said in Carmen's voice.

"Evil Witch of Evil Kingdom said Sakura Veganton could turn into evil by using super evil dairy cheese disguise as vegan cheese." Evil Vegan Miyuki said.

"That's good plan." Sue said evilly.

"We all have to act normal." I said evilly.

"OK." I said.

Other evil infested Vegan FairyTale Anime Planet went to next target meanwhile our fake John, Angelica and Carmen took their positions as where they were sitting.

It was five o'clock when Controlled Waitress open the door to let Sakura Veganton in.

"How is Officer Susie Moron?" I asked.

"She's going to alive." Sakura said.

"Im glad." Evil VGWN said in Angelica said.

"Yeah." Evil Vegan Usagi disguise as John said.

"I'm starve, John, Angelica." Sakura said.

Evil Vegan Maho Girl Precure transformed this vegan cheese pizza into Evil Dairy Cheese Pizza before they left.

"This vegan cheese pizza is delicious." Sue said in sweet voice.



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