Kate goes on a trip to Mexico with her friends, Irene and Jason, hoping to learn new experiences; however, what happens when Kate experiences something that will haunt her forever?


1. Left on Read

My name is Kate Anderson, and I'm 18 years old. It was the last day of highschool, and it was almost time to go home. I could barely contain my excitement as the clock struck 3:15. Nearly trampled on the way, I rushed out the door and ran outside and saw my two best friends, Irene and Jay, talking.

"Can you guys believe it!? Highschool is finally over!" I nearly screamed.

"I know! Now we can all go to the beach, and eat Chipotle, and go Go-karting, and..." Irene rambled on and on. I chuckled at her excitement and turned towards Jay.

"Aren't you excited Jay?" He was looking down at his phone, checking his Snapchat as usual. He mumbled a quick 'yeah' and got back to Snapchat. Slightly annoyed, I rolled my eyes and took his phone away from him.

"Dude, really?" He exclaimed, clearly irritated.

"Don't 'dude really' me, Jay. It's the last day of highschool, and all you're doing is checking your Snapchat. Now can you please have a real conversation with us?" He sighed and smiled.

"Yeah." I gave his phone back and we chatted about what out plans for the summer were. I guess we must of lost track of time, because it was already 4:00! I gasped and said

¨Sorry guys, but I gotta go. Iĺl text you when I get home.¨ 

¨You better, you always leave me on read¨ Jay exclaimed, giggling.

¨I got you, homie! Bye!" I said walking towards the direction of my home.


Authors Note: Hey guys, this is my first real story, so if you want more, please like and give feedback! Thank you <3

End of Chapter 1


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