Ways To Look At Life

Different perspectives of life and its trials.


1. One

These will be published in sets of five. You are welcome to disagree with these outlooks, your feedback encourages me to look at all point of views and helps out a lot!



1. Our innate drive determines someones beauty in comparison to another, but we sometimes forget that kindness, respect, and the deeds we do for others go miles further than natural looks.


2. Be kind to the people who try to bring you down, you'll fret over it less unknowingly, and people observing your tenacity will respect you overtime.


3. People are cold and mean, and have no hearts. Not true. Under their own insecurities, past hardships, and trials, is a soft tender heart. You just have to find the key.


4. It is essential to groom yourself and have good hygiene, always walk out of the door prepared to meet your soul mate.


5. If people exclude you from their social circle or block you, then you aren't with the right crowd. Turns out they missed out on having a good addition to the circle if you ask me.

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